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How To Stay Connected To Your Money Honey

Keeping that new money relationship alive and present–in the face of the news, life’s challenges, other peoples’ money monsters, and the unfortunate fact that your personified Money Honey is imaginary and not physically present… that’s the challenge we all face to keep the magic, love, and money coming.

It’s a burning question that comes in from my VIPs, my clients, and myself.  In fact I designed the whole 2nd module of my 90 Day Virtual Training around this challenge: keeping the “Money Honeymoon” going forever…

I’ll share some of my best Money Honey Connection Tips and Strategies with you today.

First of all, if you’re having trouble connecting with your Money Honey, check to see if your Money Monster (your old, negative relationship with money) is really gone. Or see if a new Money Monster has shown up.

A Money Monster is the #1 culprit for feeling disconnected from the voice, presence and true Money Honey experience. Because the monster’s job is to make you feel scared, anxious, and un-resourceful.

Slay a new monster!

Uncovering and slaying a new monster builds up new energy and momentum to remove the next layer of limitations and connect with your Money Honey (the same or a new one, you’ll only know when you complete the process) that as deeper and realer and better than before.

And sometimes, the monster is gone (yay!) but this new relationship with money–your money honey–is new, and you need some assistance in keeping it going.

  1.  For those of you in the audience who, like me, are “kinesthetic” (you connect through physical contact), imagine touching your Money Honey. Sitting in his lap, being held in his arms. And boys, flip it–put your Money Honey ON your lap and hold her.
  2. If you’re having trouble seeing/hearing/feeling and smelling (yes, smelling!) your “MH,” try automatic writing: write to and from your MH.

There are other things I recommend to feed the relationship:

  1. Stay in a COMMUNITY of financial alchemists and money magnets who speak your language and remind you this relationship works. Hearing about other people’s miracles and discoveries (in my case, these are my clients) helps me appreciate my own Money Honey. (This is my favorite feature of the Results Accelerator: participants see the proof in the community, and they feel safe to ask for help.)
  2. Have someone hold you accountable. The great 20th century physicist/philosopher Buckminster Fuller said, “Environment is stronger than will power.” An accountability partner or mentor changes your environment and keeps you moving forward when you want to quit. (Another feature of the Results Accelerator is the community holds you in loving accountability.)
  3. Keep INVESTING in yourself and your dreams. My favorite thing about money is it lets you know what you value and prioritize. You reveal what’s important to you by looking at where you spend your time and money.
  4. Keep renewing the relationship. When you’re not trusting money, do the Financial Alchemy® process all over, from the beginning. Every time you get rid of a monster, you create a stronger, closer connection with your Honey. That’s when I have my biggest breakthroughs.
  5. Make it EASY for money. Take classes, hire coaches, learn new things about business and marketing and serving your clients better. I have found I work less hard and make more cash the more I learn.

This new relationship requires attention, affection, and commitment to work over the long term… just like any relationship worth keeping!

  1. Sara says:

    You read my mind! Thank you for this!

  2. Wonderful content – thank you so much! Astra

    1. Morgana says:

      You’re welcome, Astra!

  3. Celeste says:

    Thanks indeed. Are there any online communities of fellow alchemists that you suggest?

  4. Hi Morgana,

    I find you on and read several of your articles and am now checking out your site. I can’t get enough of you! Ha! Great post on a money honey. I’ll be trying this idea and reading more of your posts. You’re a treasure!

  5. carol atwood says:

    I just received your book financial alchemy and I have a question I have serious problems with my imagination I cant see a money honey I believe I know the money monster or atleast what has been keeping me from money what can I do

    1. Morgana says:

      Fabulous question, Carol! I’d say between 10 to 20% of people have trouble seeing their Money Honey. This NOT a problem.

      Here’s my advice for people who have successfully slayed their Money Monster:

      Use your other senses.
      Focus on the FEELING first. Step into your Money Honey’s arms.
      Then try smelling your MH.
      Listen to him.

      That said, there is NO WAY to really see, feel, or hear your Money Honey until the Money Monster is GONE. You must get rid of the Monster first.

  6. Dawn Z says:

    Hi Morgana! I’m hoping you can provide a little clarity on this one. What do you do with a money honey that doesn’t actually answer the question clearly? I’ve been dating this really nice guy, off & on, for two years. He’s a good man, my daughter loves him, but the heat that I want in a relationship just isn’t there. He’s wanting for us to move in together, but I’m on the fence. My money honey is frustratingly vague on the subject. Do you have any tips for getting more clear answers or advice? Thanks!

    1. Morgana says:

      Dawn, my hunch is you’re afraid to be 100% honest with yourself. If you got to have what you really wanted, what would you want? This may be the guy. This may not be the guy. That’s not clear. What IS clear is something’s not working in the relationship, and you need to take care of that BEFORE you move in together. Especially when there’s a child involved.

      1. Dawn Z says:

        Thank you, Morgana. That brought up a LOT of Stuff. I’ll keep working in that direction and see what I come up with. Thanks again!

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