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Quit Smoking to make Money Honey Happy… a Real Life Success Story

This is such a great story! Two years ago I spoke with Shelly, and I had a crystal clear insight into exactly what she needed to do to turn her relationship with money around: QUIT SMOKING. Her Money Honey couldn’t be with her while she was killing herself, and I told her so. It took her a while to get the message, but read what happened…

Dear Morgana

I had an introductory call with you over 2 years ago and I didn’t follow up on working with you at the time. I wanted to share with you what happened to me after we spoke.

When we talked, my husband and I were in a very poor state financially. He had been ill for several years and we had lived a very stressful life as a result. When you and I talked, I knew I wanted to work with you and I knew you could help me, but I thought that I wasn’t in a financial position to go ahead with it. Well, you live and learn.

After we spoke, I brought my Money Honey to me and it was all delicious and lovely, until he told me that the money would come when I stopped smoking. I wasn’t at all happy about this because cigarettes were the crutch for my stress, and I thought I must be making it all up in my head. But I gave up smoking – for two whole weeks – and nothing happened. I was still stressed and broke. I didn’t understand at the time what I was doing wrong (because I was doing it on my own without you!) and I felt betrayed by my Money Honey.

I started smoking again after those 2 weeks, and even though every time I worried about money I thought of it again, I convinced myself that it was all something I had created in my mind and I pushed it to one side. I never thought of my Money Honey again.

Well, just a few weeks ago my husband had a breakdown and it was serious. He had been ill for so long and was in recovery but the financial pressures got to him. I realized that I would do anything to break the cycle, and I took a leap of faith.

I made a decision to quit smoking, and I haven’t touched a cigarette since then. I never will. The first night I said out loud, “I did it. I quit and I’ll never go back again. Now it’s your turn”, and the next day there was an unexpected payment in my bank account. I thought it was probably a coincidence so I said it again. The next morning there was even more in my account. I haven’t had a worry over money since then.

It isn’t pouring in in massive buckets but I haven’t had a single day where feeding my family has been a concern. Money has come in from the strangest places and in the strangest ways, and I know now that you were right all along.

I’m not the same person I was when we spoke. I’ve grown a lot and my understanding of life and the universe has deepened. Perhaps I wasn’t ready for the message you gave me back then, but I wanted to tell you the impact that you had.

Right now we’re transitioning from disability & welfare checks to feed our family, to creating a new abundant life for ourselves and our children. My husband is almost well enough to return to work, and I’ve found myself with a message that I’m focusing on getting out into the world. I only put my website up today – baby steps, but I’m getting there quickly – and I’m already being interviewed for one of the biggest national newspapers in the UK this week, as well as having just been filmed for a 1-hour documentary for a major TV network here.

Things are happening that I can’t explain, and I know it started with our conversation. I wanted to thank you for your gift and your service, and I hope to meet you some day – maybe buy you a drink and give you a really big hug – and say thank you face to face.

Best wishes,

Shelly Pitcher

  1. Alicia Power says:

    Hey Morgana – you really are delightful. I’ve watched a couple of your videos and you have such a gentle joy. I’m about to promote your book to my mailing list – so just wanted to say hi! Howdy partner!

    1. morgana says:

      Thank you, Partner!

  2. Lelia says:

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each
    time a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?


    1. morgana says:

      That’s a great question! And something I know NOTHING about. I have the same issue on a LinkedIn thread. Here’s my best guess: post again and UN-CLICK the notification box.

      I’m so sorry for the annoyance. I totally understand. That would annoy me, too. This technology stuff is a mixed bag, isn’t it?

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