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New stuff in my Abundance email IN BOX

I get so many new stories each week… how to keep up with it all?

Here are some super-recent letters that came in.

All these letters are posted with the approval of the authors. If I was an oaf, and didn’t include yours, just shoot me a note on my contact page, and tell me post yours!!!


Letter #1 From Connie Nash:

Dear Morgana,


Your interview with Darius showed me where my problem is with money. I have struggled with money all my life, started my dream business a year ago and currently have less than $100 to my name with piles of debt. I understand about the money monster and it makes SO MUCH SENSE.

I listened to the first 30 minutes and had to go out and when I returned, for the FIRST time ever, I had 9 requests for coaching clients in my email where I previously only had 1 if I was lucky.

I am listening to the whole program today and when I am financially able, I will definitely work with you.

THANK YOU Morgana, you are a blessing and an angel sent to me I know it.



*Letter #2 from Connie Nash:

Hi Morgana!
Wait, there’s more! I “found” the money and purchased your program through Darius. I read your entire ebook this morning and did the steps (it is excellent)…you should have seen my money monster..yikes! My Money Honey looks like Brad Pitt (yum!). My brother put $300 in my checking account today (more than he owed me) AND offered to buy my dinner at my Mother’s birthday party. My CC company increased my credit limit by $200 and that is what I used to buy your program. All of this happened TODAY. I have a coaching call at 6pm…yeah! My Money Honey told me what to charge for coaching and I created several packages today to promote. YES YOU CAN share my story publicly, i would be honored. XOXO I feel so much relief and excitement for the first time in a LONG time. Thanks again!



*From Yvette Saunders:

Dear Morgana – I want to let you know about the good fortune I’ve received since I bought your Breakthrough Package two weeks ago. Last week I won a raffle at my real estate investment club meeting worth $50. This week really blew my mind. Monday, I received a phone call from an attorney who tracked me down to inform me that an old family friend whom I haven’t spoken to in at least four years, passed away and left me $3500 in her will! Sad news, however, I’m very thankful for her generosity. I was surprised she even thought of me. I wanted to share this with you and thank you for your work. In just these last few weeks, I feel a great shift in my relationship with money as I continue to be a “work in progress.” My Money Monster was very stubborn and didn’t want to break up, because we were together for a very long time. My Money Honey is beautiful, and we are really getting to know each other. So far so good! You have my permission to use any or all part of this message for your benefit. You do great work, and I thank you very much for sharing your blessings! Namaste


From Steve Szubert:

Hi Morgana …

… so I asked my new Money Honey what she would like, and she said she’d like me to write to you to say a big THANK YOU for helping me find her. We’re very happy together. Thank you Morgana.

Money Honey is now finally getting through to me and teaching me that i can afford things, and i do deserve them … and she wants me to have them. Last week, I bought myself exactly the car I’ve been wanting for ages, and Money Honey helped me find one that cost only a fraction of what i thought it would.

Morgana, I first heard you on a free webinar, and what made me sit up and listen was when you stated, up front, that you were going to reveal all the essentials right there and then in the free talk. That’s a refreshing change from all those who try to tease us into buying their expensive programs (and then usually disappoint us when we do.) And what you teach is also refreshingly different from all the usual “Law Of Attraction” stuff. I was so impressed, I bought your program even though you had already told me all the essentials … and I was not disappointed 🙂

And Money Honey also asked me to listen to one of your videos or audios for at least a few minutes every single day, until I really do “get it”. That will be a pleasure to savour.

Morgana, I thank you for being so bold and courageous in your generosity in sharing your teachings. I wish you every success … and I look forward to the day that I can do something for you.



From Sarah Horton:

Since purchasing your tele class package and doing the deep money monster work and aligning with my higher self ally… or Money Honey…I immediately received new clients and delinquent loan payments to total $8,000. I continued to do this daily work plus other inner work… and I have received other money from unexpected sources. I could feel that the universe was looking for a way to share the abundance and I was really ready to receive after doing your work –it was the cherry on the whip cream. Thank you so much…for your delicious approach to working with the shadow.



*From Shelli Speaks:

Hello! I listened to your program
w/Darius last night (New Wealth Revolution) and wasn’t able to connect
with my “money monster” during the program…last night before going
to sleep, I clearly saw it….(I don’t know what their called), but my
head was on the “block” and this gigantic hooded figure was preparing
to chop my head off! I was so scared and I knew that it was the
“monster”….after I allowed that realization to sink in, I looked for
my “money honey”….he came with an army and shot the monster with an
arrow and then took his sword and cleanly cut off his head.
(smile)….I then began to talk to him “charles” and also was guided
to “modernize” him (we were in medieval times) and he told me to just
rest and recuperate from all of my trauma….this morning, I feel his
guidance with me and it is awesome! I had a couple of financial
issues that I was putting off and he gave me suggestions (that worked)
for handling them…..I’ve asked him to put the $97 in my account (and
a little extra) so that I can purchase your program and he is saying
“no problem”…Thank you…it was a profound shift and I’m excited to
learn more!



Letter #1 from Darby Totten:

I purchased the workbook a few weeks ago and in the “Request
Assistance From The Universe” box this week, I requested to _get
booked on Drop Dead Diva with all expenses paid from NY to ATL or
something better_(I had just auditioned for a nice role on the show,
it’s my favorite show and I’ve been auditioning for 3 seasons with no
bookings) . I just got the call today that I booked it!!! The “all
expenses paid” part is being a little sticky and I don’t know how
that’ll come out in the wash, but I just thought that was pretty cool
and wanted to share. 🙂



Letter #2 from Darby Totten:

I promise I won’t inundate your team with constant success
updates, but this is just kind of astounding to me: the issue with the
travel expenses not being paid on my booking on the show was entirely
due to a typo. LOL!!

You should’ve seen me before they admitted their mistake…I got so
angry and contracted, my victim came out and so did my bull-horns, and
I was ready to absolutely dig in to this situation until it went my
way. This went on for about four hours and then Boom(!) I saw the
pattern. This is what I always do when I feel money isn’t going my way
— I contract, get angry, become a victim etc. So I stopped.

I went out for a long hard run.
During the run I got an email saying $1500 unexpected dollars will be
in the mail to me by next week, and two other calls of abundance, one
of which was the resolution to the travel expenses on the show.

Anyway, it’s all cleared up and in the end, it’s EXACTLY what I
requested in the workbook last Sunday night when I set myself up for
the upcoming week. With the help of a great friend, since last Sunday
I’ve been aggressively clearing the clutter and making space. And now
I fly out this weekend, and I get to work as a guest star on my
favorite show for the entire week.

To casually give my request to the Universe and say “see what you can
do with this” and have it manifest in four days…Wow. I’ve been a
messy manifestor in the past. That’s why this perfection is almost
unbelievable to me. I’m stunned, I’m deeply grateful, and I thank
Morgana and all of you for making this work available.

My apologies for the long message. I won’t make it a habit but, maybe
Morgana will get a kick out of this.



Letter #3 from Darby Totten: (my fave!)

I’m shifting in ways that go far beyond money, and that’s the story
no one is telling. I know I promised I wouldn’t inundate you guys
with every little success story, but this one is different. My
“request help from the universe” last week was to save my sister’s
life. She was so terribly ill and in such extreme pain for the last
two months(!) that she was actually begging God to take her life. You
know the pain is bad when she has four kids still living at home and
she just wants to die. Once again, my wish was granted. As of four
days ago, she was pain free — without surgery or medical attention —
but exhausted (to be expected after what she went through) and by
yesterday, she was energetically on her feet all day painting a
beautiful piece of art that she already has a buyer for.

If it weren’t happening to me and my family, I wouldn’t believe it.


What about YOU? Please share your thoughts, your experiences, and your support below!


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