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My Newest Money Honey

BaliWater2014Yesterday a coach friend kindly came over to my house because I wanted to get rid of a new “money monster” and I knew I could go deeper with a witness I trust.

Full disclosure: I wasn’t getting rid of a new money monster because of financial lack. In fact this week was a huge financial success.

This process goes so much deeper than just finances. It’s really about Life.

How I knew it was time to uncover and slay a new Money Monster…

The world was looking and feeling unfair and unsafe. A lot of crap related to climate change, racism, economic injustice, misogyny, etc. I was feeling too small for the impact I desire to make. By changing my relationship with “money”, I change my relationship with the world, life, and myself. It was time.

What I notice is I can go for years without needing to slay a monster, but when I do, I get a new message from a new Money “Honey” that is essential to my next breakthrough.

I met my new Money Honey.

He looks like my husband. He feels like my husband. He brought tears to my eyes.

That said, he’s NOT my husband. My husband gets to be my limited, flawed, and cherished human partner.

My Money Honey is not limited or flawed. My newest MH is the divine, god-like essence of my husband. For example, when my real-life husband says to me, “Morgana, you always get to choose Love or Fear. Which do you choose?” he sounds like my new Money Honey.

Devin and Morgana Love in Yerevan

(To maintain the distinction between Money Honey and Human Honey, I call them by different names.)

The messages I got back, from my newest Money Honey:

1) Self-care. My MH wants me to take better care of myself. Take care of the stuff I’ve been putting off–get my eyesight checked. Get my hormones checked. Get a massage. Take better, loving care of myself.

2) I don’t need to know the How (of my business goals, goals for the world, or any goals). I’ve never manifested my results on a linear path. Opportunities drop in my lap when I get clear on what I want. It’s time to dream so the next steps can appear. It has always been thus.

How about you?

What’s YOUR experience with slaying new monsters and upgrading your Money Honey?

What messages are you getting from your MH?

Please post your thoughts and experiences below!



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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...