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Money Honey Trouble (and a solution)

Last week I saw a message from a client who is currently in my “Money Magnet Rapid Transformation Breakthrough” self-study program.  (Even though it’s not a coaching program, I still like to keep an eye on how it’s working for my participants.)

She had been rocking it with her Money “Honey” (new relationship with money), and then she hit a speed bump and didn’t know what to do.

Money Honey trouble… and a solution.

I decided to shoot a video response to get her back on track… and to serve all my other Money Honey lovers on YOUR path to prosperity, too.

This is just a quick and sloppy video–shot on my iPhone in my dining room. Enjoy the content and share your thoughts below!



I received an email last week from a woman who is taking my rapid transformation money magnet breakthrough program. It’s a self-study program online and she wrote because she’s having a challenge. It was such a juicy challenge that I thought, well it’s easier for me to just talk than to type.

Without breaking anybody’s anonymity I’m going to address her question in this video in the hopes that it will help all of you who are watching so this was her challenge. She had done my process of digging deep and finding the root cause of her money blocks and she personified the root cause as a her money monster.

She got rid of the money monster and she replaced that old relationship of scarcity and abuse and disappointment with this new relationship with a new money honey, this new relationship with money that was working fabulously for her. Here’s the challenge, her personification of her money honey was based on a real human being.

Her Money Honey was based on a song writer who wrote music that really inspired her. She was having great results, and she loved her imaginary money honey, and then she met the song writer. The person that she had associated with her imaginary new relationship with money. She actually had a really deep, profound, wonderful experience with the human being; and that created a problem: because she can’t be with the human being the way she can be with her imaginary money honey.

This caused a complete meltdown in her imaginary relationship with her money honey. I’m smiling, but I take this really seriously, because this exact thing happened almost 10 years ago with one of my all-time favorite clients named Sarah.

Dear, sweet person going through this right now: do not despair. You’re on a great path.

Here’s the thing: you are out-growing the usefulness of the money honey that you have. We don’t want your money honey to really be too tightly associated with a real human being, because human beings have circumstances. Human beings have their own agenda. Human beings have flaws, and we’re supposed to. That doesn’t serve you in this relationship with this imaginary new relationship with money.

What I did with my client Sarah, all those many years ago… she had listened to me on a telecast, did my process, had a money honey based on a man that she had met or had some kind of relationship with at some time in her past, and she had instant results: she made $2000 the first day, I believe, right away.

Then she became a client of mine, and she is really, truly one of the most inspired and intuitive and talented coaches and healers that I’ve ever met. It was my pleasure and joy to coach her and mentor her for about a year.

Anyway, back to Sarah’s story: a few months into her coaching she came back to me and her money honey had become a problem because her feelings for that person who is no longer in her life but it was a real person. It was starting to cause trouble in her current life and this could no longer be her money honey.

We did the process again from the beginning, we dug up new things and created a new monster and got rid of the new monster and then created a new money honey. I had this intuition for her which may be true for you and maybe not but I’m going to put it out there anyway.

Is that for her at that point she needed a money honey that was bigger than a mere mortal. Usually like I would say almost 100% of the time except for this one instance I say really make the relationship with that new money as human and accessible and real and luscious and equal as you can. It should feel like just a person who has shown up.

In this case I had an intuition that he needed to be bigger-than-human, and so her new money honey was an archetype, He was actually the Green Man in England, who is erotic. He’s a Celtic fertility god, really hunky, felt very real to her, and felt very different. This is the key: he felt different from her association with any real human being, but she could still have a real relationship with him.

And (I love this) every time she would speak to her new money honey and ask him what he wanted her to do, he would always tell her to make love to her husband. (Which, by the way, was extremely enrolling for her husband… and improved his relationship with money too.)

When we did the process the second time and took her to this bigger more magical relationship with money than she had before, fantastic things happened. I’m not saying they just happened out of the blue because that’s not what I teach. She was an active participant and partner with this god-like money honey who was also sexy and a partner and romantic and someone that she could speak with.

Here’s what happened: she wrote a bunch of books, she has been leading the spiritual retreats in Europe all these years, she had a radio show and her coaching business got really successful, a happy family life and husband, and everything that goes into being a successful wealthy goddess woman.

For the specific person that I’m recording this video for and for everybody else who is watching and I believe if you’re watching for a reason. I don’t believe there are accidents here. If that old money honey is no longer working congratulation you have graduated. What is waiting for you is a better, more wonderful, more enriching and I’m saying that financially, spiritually, emotionally and in all ways.

There is a new relationship with money that is ready for you, you have evolved, let go of the old one with love or slayed as a monster whatever is going to work for you and move on and embrace the new, Namaste.



  1. Mudan says:

    How about if your new money honey says “feel me” I don’t have a reference for it ????

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Mudan. A place to start might be feeling what it’s like to hold this person in your arms. I always recommend to start with the feeling… and then work in the other senses.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi, Morgana!

    You mention that you suggest that your money honey should be very human and real. The money honey that came to mind for me is actually an angel. He looks like a tall, handsome, man (close to the look of a Greek Olympian), but he has beautiful white wings that radiate colorful light. I love him and feel so cared for by him, like I’ve never felt by anyone. But, do you think I made him incorrectly if he is an angel instead of being human? Thank you!


    1. Morgana says:

      See if this works for you, Michelle.

      Always remember that the power to make things happen is always with YOU, because you have the body. Your MH is not some magical being who rescues you or solves your lessons for you. He’s a partner who believes in you, adores you, and is safe to have in your life.

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