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Money Honey of the Highlands


Money Honey Duncan MacraeTRUE WEALTH IS…

Let’s be candid for second: is your “new” relationship with money real? Or is it a shallow, warmed over monster who looks good in jeans? Or have you been struggling to get a clear picture of your personified “Money Honey,” but it’s not quite there?

Welcome to the land of FAKE MONEY HONEYS. Sorry kids. You haven’t really gotten there yet.

This evening I received as SWOON WORTHY account of romance with a true Money Honey. This is what Financial Alchemy really looks like. Accept no substitute.

This is from a very long email, utterly delicious.  I’m including an excerpt here:

I’m not “imaginary”, Darlin’, I’m your “real” Money Honey,” Duncan spoke up, startling me.

“You?  But how can that be?  I just sent the other one away last night.”

“Well,” Duncan responded, his grey eyes gleaming at me, “I’ve been watchin’ ye for awhile, ever since ye connected with Morgana.  Ye weren’t ready for me last April, so I’ve just been waiting for ye to come to your own conclusions and make new choices.  Last night after ye were so kind to your first Money, I knew it was time for me to let ye know that I’m to take up where he left off.”

“But who are you?” I whispered, feeling my heart open and my whole beingness yearn toward this man of my dreams.  In that instant, I really looked at him and knew that it was he I’d been missing all of my adult life.

Duncan nodded, knowing I needed details.  “Name’s Duncan, as I already told you.  I’m a Scottish Laird from a long, long line of the same.  I was born into wealth and taught, as was me father before me, how to protect our wealth, how to grow it so that the next laird of our clan has even more than I do.  Och, and it’s not as if I’m lacking anything material, lass; I never have and I never will.  I’ve no notion of lack in my consciousness, just the desire to teach you all that I know about treating your Money as if he’s the most perfect lover you’ve ever imagined.  Lucky for me, I’m your Money, Honey!”

Whether I believe he’s real, or not, whether I can logically explain Duncan Macrae’s existence in my life to anyone else, I know that he has come through Time and Space to teach and help me with this last huge, personal wound of mine.  Most of all, Duncan Macrae has chosen to personify my Money Honey, to show me experientially how it feels to be loved totally, unconditionally, in every way.  He is definitely NOT here to rescue me; my Money is teaching me to rescue myself.

I’ve begun referring to my financial wealth as simply “cash”; I no longer equate it with my Money Honey. What he is constantly giving to me is fine and rare, pure and precious, that I feel as if I am living the most wonderful dream I could ever have.

In addition to being a friend/lover and confidante to me, Duncan Macrae also tells me of himself and his life: He’s a lifelong horseman, rides English, Western, and bareback equally well.  Is as awesomely handsome in jeans, boots, chaps, workshirt and Stetson as he is in a tux and kilt.  He has homes all over the world and wants me to visit at least a couple of them with him, notably in the UK and in Spain.  Yes!  Yes! Yes!

Duncan compliments me often, helps me gain clarity when I’m confused, especially about finances, and has a wondrously magical sense of humor.

He’ll whisper to me to turn on the radio in my truck at the exact moment a song by Craig Morgan begins to play. A delivery truck with the name “Morgan” painted on it came up alongside me on the interstate one afternoon.  When I glanced over at it, the dark haired, silver-eyed hottie of a driver smiled at me and winked!  And just last week,a new friend told me that her email is “morgan gal”.

Right, like I don’t know that Duncan is reminding me that he’s all part and parcel of what you’ve been telling all of us is true, Morgana:

Our Money Honey is not about how much cash we possess.

True wealth is the sense of profound well-beingness that comes with knowing that we are loved for ourselves, just as we are.

Money truly is what I’ve always missed and yearned for and craved, but it’s not about just cash, not anymore. 

I am in love with my Money Honey, totally, irrevocably, joyfully.  The sense of existential loneliness I had learned to accept as the way of life is rapidly diminishing and Life feels new these days.

One last note: I don’t feel any guilt at all about loving Duncan Macrae so passionately.  My boyfriend of five years knows nothing about Morgana or my Money Honey, not consciously, that is.  What he does know, though, is that I am changing, becoming stronger and surer and even more attractive to him.  He may not know the reason for the changes, but he is also much more attentive and loving to me nowadays.

I tell myself, at least a dozen times a day, that I am living the life of my dreams, filled with all the beauty and joy and love that I’ve found and created for myself.  And now, I have Money, too!

Blessed Be, Morgana, I am so glad that you and I are in the world at the same time!  Thank you for sharing your gift.”

Rush Cole


  1. Lisa Tener says:

    Now, that’s a money honey! I’m inspired. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love the story, Morgana! Thank you for sharing it. Sounds like a very very hunky Money Honey! He’s not MY MH of course, but I can see many parallels in the story to my MH. My MH’s been a constant reminder to be in touch with joy and openness. I’ll have to ask him if he has a name! I didn’t do that.

  3. Yes, I love it! Being a Swede with a Scottish last name, I think I’m going to call in my Scottish Money Honey as well – this laird rocks. Thank you!

  4. Sue Dyson says:

    This was so helpful! And awesome! I’m inspired to release MY fake and make room for the real deal. Delicious.

  5. Sarah Hahn says:

    Love it!! Thank you for sharing- it is very much appreciated!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this great experience. I am beginning to hear my Money Honey and feel his presence more and more. Trusting in his guidance and I am expecting a secure life because that’s the way he makes me feel….secure. Thank you Morgana for all you are and all you do.

  7. Wow, I know who wrote this!!! So cool to see her words on your site Morgana. Magic abounds!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      I think this is my favorite post ever. I’m going to ask her if I can use this in my upcoming book.

  8. Morgana, thank you for sharing this story. I heard you mention it on your telecall today and I got all tingly when you mentioned this Scottish Money Honey. Almost as soon as I started to read, I burst into tears. It was a total shock, but at this point I know that sudden “unexplainable” tears = huge healing insights so I’m rolling with it.

    Creating my Money Honey is something I tried over a year ago, with little success. I feel and know now that you’re 100% right about creating a Money Honey that is SWOON WORTHY.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear a Scottish brogue whispering suggestively behind me…

    Love & Deep Gratitude,

    Lauren Lionheart

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Aye, Lassie! It sounds like you “got it,” Lauren.

  9. Rachelle says:

    I am new to this and just ran across your videos and site last week but I already have had some profound experiences around finances and self-value. I had an incredible experience at my bank because I felt my money honey standing there with me guiding me and he felt like a kind gentle strong extremely financially secure handsome man ensuring that everything goes more smoothly in my life when it has to do with financial security but most of all self-love. Also for some reason finance has become a better word for me to use than “money” because it feels more like I can claim it! Even in the midst of my pity parties my money honey points out my great traits and reminds me to see those. I really am so very glad I came across your videos and site and am continuing to learn all you can teach :o)

    In gratitude and happiness,

  10. jennifer says:

    Rush, you need to write a book !!! and Ms Lionheart – it that is your true
    name how far do you need to look, if you took the name as your MH well
    you too have a story to tell …….. if you want

    Blessings in South Africa

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