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Is your “Money Honey” fickle? (new video post!)

The fabulous thing about my Relationship with Money work is that it constantly evolves.

Any trap, pit, or problem that could cause a client trouble has come up or it will… and the process gains a new nuance every time.

One concern I’ve seen popping up in the last few months is around the idea of “What? Now I have another person to please? Ewwww!”  That’s NOT how this works! And that’s why I was so glad to see this question come in:

“I have a question I’ve been trying to get my head around. If my “money
honey”  [new personified relationship with money] withdrew every time
I didn’t listen to her needs, wants and desires, then I would find myself in a
relationship with a very fickle and demanding, controlling person…. NOT what
I would want in real life (or I guess for my Money Honey). What am I
missing?” Gary

Bravo Gary for naming the problem! What you’re missing is NEW relationship with money!

“Fickle, demanding, and controlling” are spot-on descriptions of a Money Monster. In fact, and I’ll go way out on a limb here… these may also be descriptions of YOU in your relationship with money! Is it possible that you’re being fickle, demanding and controlling when you ignore and disregard your money?

What’s missing here is LOVE, TRUST, ROMANCE… and an understanding of your power in this relationship. The ball is always in your court. YOU drive the relationship.

What I’ve learned, being in this process for almost eight years myself, and having coached hundreds and hundreds of clients through my Financial Alchemy process… we have the power to break money’s heart every time we dishonor ourselves or reject him (or her, in your case). Money doesn’t know how to be with us when we harm ourselves or reject him/her.

I’m only speaking from experience, Gary.  In fact, I SHOT A VIDEO (with the worst suit and hair cut of my life!):

Now I KNOW a number of you out there have had similar experiences. Please share your experiences, comments, and questions below. It’ll be good for you and the community. Thanks! 🙂

  1. Beth says:

    This post really hit home for me.
    Especially the video. “Make the money happy”.

    I’ve been working on this, but obviously have more work to do yet.
    I have found my new mantra “Make the money happy”

  2. Jessica says:

    Hi Morgana,
    thanks for sharing this video! I have a question concerning your clients who didn’t pay you : what happened to them (did you stop the coaching)?
    Do you think that this situation occured because you needed to go through it to understand more about your relationship with money, or was it to show you that your clients maybe weren’t serious and dedicated to their money relationships? Has this experience made you more cautious when taking on new clients?

    BTW, I want to thank you for remaining inflexible about the tuition when you launched the money goddes program (I wasn’t able to participate because I didn’t have the money then), it made me realize TONS of things about my money monster and my financial situation then. Thank you : )
    Now I have a new outlook on life, and although I feel shaky at times (I still don’t have a steady income as I write this, but I came up with (and am implementing) a plan for a great business that suits me and my need to be creative!) about my new financial resolutions, I know I’ll be able to be more active in your community (as in actually _buying_ your products) within a few weeks. Yay!!

    Sending you lots of love and warmth (it’s -37C in Canada this morning!),


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