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Money Flow Secret: Talk With Your Money

Dear Morgana,

I had a really cool thing happen today that I thought you would appreciate. A few days ago I had a beautiful talk with my money.

I asked for some promises from my MH – that he agreed to – and I made the promises to him that he needed. It was a tender moment that was as real as making these promises to my partner.

One thing I had been experiencing recently is that the flow of money would stop suddenly and my account would go negative when my money honey was unhappy with something.

I told MH that this was traumatic and extremely stressful to me and would he promise to express his upset in a less dramatic way – in a way that left me feeling inspired – that I really wanted to grow through joy – that I was very easily persuaded towards right action and a gentler approach would work better with me. He promised and was happy to get the feedback.

So, yesterday the money flow had stopped and I had some big things – including a rent check – that were going to be coming through my account.

I was a little bit short and starting to panic. MH encouraged me to simply do everything I knew to do in the practical world to keep things flowing.

I made one phone call to a client that I hadn’t seen in ages and told him I had a free evening and he happily booked a session for that evening.  He gave me a very nice tip as well.

So, when I woke up the next morning everything had gone through my account safely and I had exactly .90 in the account.

And then work flooded in today for the rest of the week. It will turn out to be an extremely prosperous week – it’s actually totally booked – in a matter of a few hours today.

The thing was that I didn’t get paid again today until late in the evening. But, the account stayed all day at .90 – it never went negative.

The message was clear but never went over the edge – and when I made the right adjustments abundance flooded in with great ease. It was a beautiful experience.

Thanks for everything
Sarah Angeli

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