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This ain’t your mamma’s Law of Attraction


I keep running across people who hear me try to describe Financial Alchemy, and they think I’m a Law of Attraction coach. Noooo! Unless, perhaps, you took your LOA to a Barry White concert.

Financial Alchemy’s magic is activated differently. Here’s a cheat sheet of easy distinctions that stop people in their tracks:

1) While magical attraction happens all the time with Financial Alchemy, it’s NOT about what you attract. It’s not about what you can get from the universe.

2) Financial Alchemy is about romance. How good a lover are you, baby? We’re talking that generosity of spirit that comes with being head over heels in romantic love for another human being. “How can I make you happy, you beautiful, loveable man (or woman), just because I love you for you, whether you’re money or not, and making you happy gives me joy?”

3) But here’s the key: it’s not going to work while there’s a trace of that monster who has persecuted you in the past, either through financial troubles or any other kind of abuse that lowered your self-worth or feellings of safety in the world. This is what I call the Money Monster. You do NOT want to make your monster happy! You want to ANNIHILATE him! No fuffy white light and dolphins there, baby.

4) Thinking good thoughts and raising your vibrations aren’t enough for a total and radical transformation.

5) Your Money is another person. You don’t need to come up with the answers or know your next step. Just ask him (or her). They’ll tell you.

6) Your Money Honey is hot and personal and loves YOU more than anyone else in the world.

7) Yeah, there’s some overlap with the “Law” of Attraction: feeling good is more attractive than feeling bad. But there’s a realness to a relationship with a human-like “Money Honey” that LOA misses. You get to fight, gripe, yell, and want to rip your Money Honey’s heart out at times. You won’t be punished. Those fights are actually GOOD for the relationship. They shake you out of complacency and take the relationship to a whole new level.

And the make up sex is fabulous.

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