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About Love and Money

Dubrovnik-Wedding-KissA very interesting question came in, and I bet a number of you are feeling this way:

“So, what if the situation with (personified) Money is reversed?  I mean, equality would be nice, yes?  What if I ask my “Money Honey” what he could do to please ME?  I have spent my LIFE trying to please others, I am not interested in doing so anymore!”

Let’s talk about Love… because that’s really the heart of everything I teach. It’s really not about cash–though cash is important.  Alchemy is really about Relationship, Worthiness, Security, and Loveability–yours and Money’s.  The only thing in the world stronger than fear is Love. The only thing that can overcome all of our very good reasons to repel and protect ourselves from money is Love.

It’s hard to love a concept. We humans are built to love other living, feeling, loving beings. That’s why we make money a person worthy of our love… worthy of our love even though he/she’s money, not because he/she’s money.

As long as our love is conditional we remain frightened, powerless, and at the mercy of our Money Monster. Instead of saying, “Give me this!” we ask, “What do you need from me so you can stay with me?”

When you master this work you’ll discover that you are not taking actions to win your Money Honey’s love, or to keep his/her love. YOU ALREADY HAVE IT! You ask these questions and take actions to make your (imaginary) Money Honey “happy” because the responses will ultimately serve your empowerment, your self-respect, your happiness.

Nothing breaks your money’s heart like self-abuse. Anything that erodes your confidence, your health, your happiness, or your self-love pushes him away… and that includes allowing other people to abuse you or owe you money, and you abusing and undervaluing yourself.

Sometimes pleasing your Money Honey looks like buying new lingerie because “he” asked you to.

Money does not exist in this model to do the work for you, nor to rescue you from yourself. That’s not how the universe works. Nothing is more liberating than being responsible for yourself–knowing that you are CAPABLE of making things happen.

This re-frame puts the power of the relationship back in YOUR hands. Because really, your Money Honey is not human, does not have an agenda separate from loving you, and is not just “another person you have to please.”

At the same time this is a relationship that will challenge you and teach you to love life generously and unconditionally. ALL of your relationships will change as a result–your relationship with your body, your family, your self, and your romantic partner (the one who’s already here or coming in the future).

I’m living proof: Devin (my husband) and I are leaving for Mexico next week for our 14th wedding–to each other–in 13 months. We’re getting married 100 times in 100 countries. (His idea.)

I wish you prosperity and abundance and romance from every corner of your life!

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...