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Living Proof of Money Honey Manifestation… After the Honeymoon Period

Dear Morgana,
Thank you as always for inspiring me, this has been one of my strongest beliefs that I am great at what I do because I have been there, in pain where my clients find themselves.
Which brings me to sharing something you mentioned about our Money Honey and how we can get this to work on a daily basis (after the honeymoon period) and I am living proof!
I want to follow up after finding you last year and having instant results with a huge debt being totally paid off….here’s what happened next…and this is total MAGIC:-)
I received a brand new car (yes really!), which was totally awesome and I love driving it.
Then my business took off, I was invited onto a radio show for an hour due to so many callers, my clients increased daily, I told my Money Honey what I needed and it happened INSTANTLY.
Then he showed up in my dreams, after I started a “love Jar” in which I collect the coins I find on the ground because these are signs of just how much he loves me! I dreamed of finding a floor full of coins and the very next morning outside my door, there were 30 odd coins! It’s incredible because the money followed that week, unexpected sales of R 1200 , making R 3000 in one day!
Now each time I dream of coins, the money arrives and I believe that this is my Money Honeys way of communicating with me.
So, yes it does work every day, I am loving life, feeling loved, filled with joy and gratitude and you know its not the money, but the fact that I so totally feel worthy and love myself. So thank you so so much you have changed my life.

Tanja Jaeger Angelic Lifestyle Coach and Dream Analyst.


  1. Fely says:

    This is super great I always try to attract money n try to have full if positive feelings,I belived law of attraction lots if people doing law if attraction n success it.i tried so many times bt now I’m in badly need of money for my business it’s already fall down n dnt have money to buy new in need of help I want money honey in my life n want to feel ho

    1. morgana says:

      I understand, Fely, and I encourage you to USE the challenges you’re feeling and put them all in to your money monster.

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