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What Sarah Learned About Money

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This is actually a letter from a client, shared with her permission. I published it because often YOUR experiences and learnings, in your own words, are exactly what’s needed to help the next person get the magic, too…

“Hi Morgana,

I had a really cool experience recently.  I was getting a strong inner nudge to go deeper into your work. So, I bought the CD and Financial Alchemy workbook and ebook.

Recently, I’ve been having trouble pinning down the look of my (personified) money “honey”.  It has jumped around a lot – from a Heath Ledger to Hugh Jackman look-a-like. I read through the ebook and just got the workbook and CD yesterday. I realized I’d never written down what my money money monster and money honey are like. So, last night I wrote all about the money monster.

I also saw a film last night with an actor in it that I like very much named John Krasinski. This morning when I was writing down what my money honey was like it struck me that my money honey was like the characters this actor plays.  Using this actor as a model made everything click for me.

The wild thing is I’ve had pretty amazing results already before I met my real money honey. It reminded me of dating – like you date really great guys and have amazing experiences but they just don’t quite click – and you are left largely with some of the same struggles – something is just missing – even if there are lots of things that are extraordinary.

And then you meet “the one” and the search is over – you just settle into it. There was something about how I perceive this actor that totally made my money honey 100% present for me.  Now I have laser clarity about my money honey and feel him present with me all the time. He had to be someone that I could easily relate to and this actor’s characters remind me of guys that I grew up around in the mid-west -that I could spend huge amounts of time with and feel completely comfortable. That was key for me. Someone really attractive but also someone I could easily see fitting into my everyday life. I realized the other models I was using had a lot of incredible qualities but seemed really distant to me – they weren’t guys I could imagine seeing me in my sweat pants all day with no make-up and messy hair and finding it adorable. My money honey now totally is like that.  So, that model was really helpful.

Another thing I really got so clearly when it really clicked is that it is a relationship and that I really could do things that HURT or gave love to my money honey – when my money honey finally felt very real to me I totally got it that it is a RELATIONSHIP – that he is not here to rescue me– and my desire to love him is extremely strong and instant.

Another thing that struck me is that it’s not about just doing everything your money honey says to do – it’s not that kind of relationship – it’s not a money monster kind of connection. It is really about loving your money honey – doing things that would make this HUNKY LOVER that you’re so crazy about feel appreciated, cared for, and like he wants to stick around.  It’s very cool.

I discovered a few things from this experience

1. It’s important to write it all down – commit it to paper. .
2. When you find the right money honey fit – you just know it’s right. It feels like coming home.
3. Don’t settle for a money honey until it feels like this – it doesn’t really work until it feels like someone you could easily spend the rest of your life with – how can you talk about everything to someone you don’t feel 100% comfortable with?

And, right after that happened I booked 5 clients today for next week – one person wants to meet twice a month.

Thanks for everything Morgana!”

Sarah Angelli


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