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John Travolta Loves You

John TravoltaThis will always be one of my favorite case studies. Here’s how I knew Lynn nailed it long before she shared dollar amounts:

1) Her imaginary “Money Honey” was so real to her he had his own personality.

2) He had a sense of humor.

3) She knew what he wanted and did what he said… even when it didn’t make “logical” sense.

And, of course, the results are pretty exciting, too:


“Hi Morgana-Hope this is not too long…just had to share! I listened to your talk yesterday on Money Monster/Money Honey-also listened a week early-both were the Maestro Call. Here are my results:

Last night, I asked my Money Honey what I should do to have more of him in my life. He showed up dressed like John Travolta in the Saturday Night Fever white suit. I couldn’t figure out what was going on…but each time I tried to picture him in different clothes-he changed back into the white suit. So-I gave up and let him dress as he pleased.

Anyway-he told me that the next thing to do was to go to the bank in the morning, and deposit some money from one of my checking accounts to the other. I thought “OK”. And thanked him for stopping by…said ‘adios’.

We have been struggling to collect money from many of our clients right now-and I was feeling a little panicked because I didn’t have enough funds to cover our payroll due to our employees on Friday. We had been contacting our clients who were ‘past due’…but hadn’t been making any progress. So…this morning, at about 10:20, I left work to go to the bank. I put the deposit into the ATM machine, and walked back to my car. Turned on the car-and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER was playing on the radio. At first it didn’t ‘click’ with me-but then all of a sudden, I started laughing out loud-I thought “what a synchronicity”!

Then-I went to order a coffee for an employee that I had promised to pick up on my way back. As I was waiting for the coffee, I got an email from one of our clients. They were paying us EARLY on a project we just invoiced for! (five figures) They were paying the SAME DAY that we invoiced-and were overnighting the check! The amount of the check WILL EASILY COVER OUR PAYROLL-and the money wasn’t due to us for 45 MORE DAYS!!

The time on my deposit slip is 10:35 AM….the time the client emailed me to tell me about the early payment is 10:37 AM.!! TWO MINUTES!!

I still can’t believe it-I’m in awe 🙂

Thanks for sharing this powerful tool with me-I am forever appreciative.”

Note to the reader: the first time I read this I laughed, clapped, and shrieked a little. The second time I cried because it made me so happy to read.

  1. sharon says:

    yes heard this on slides interview with you

    1. Mezahir says:

      MAKE MONEY. The money I was looking for with my monsters seems to have left me. I long for money in love. One day I live with confidence

  2. Burton says:

    I enjoyed “How She Got Rid of Her Money Monster” blog and “John Travolta Loves You” blog. Helpful, and I need to go deeper about demonizing my Money Monster (arrogant, pushy, excluding, narrow-minded, crushing, without mercy). “Travolta” blog introduces idea of Money Honey to a greater degree. Thanks for getting me started. Note: I do not have Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any social network.

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