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From Today’s Inbox: Money Honey Healing

This letter came in this morning. It’s beautiful and inspiring, and Jacqueline was kind enough to let me share it publicly. 

Yes, it’s lovely that she has had money manifestation, but what I’d like you to see in her journey is that her life and her finances didn’t become perfect in an instant… but her commitment to this new RELATIONSHIP–even when things didn’t look the way she wanted–helped her evolve and comforted her in a time of transition.

And, in my experience, Jacqueline’s capacity to manifest money, love, healthier relationships, and happiness will continue to grow and evolve for a lifetime.

 heart tree

Dear Morgana,

I have been reading your blogs, watching your YouTube videos and ordered your book Financial Alchemy as soon as it came out! I “killed” my money monster quite a lot of times and met 2 money honeys. The first one I sent him on his way because I realised that he was just another money monster in disguise. He laughed at me each time I receive a credit collector letter or I was short of cash.

I am at this stage where I don’t know what to do with my business. It has been a struggle trying to make ends meet and debt is still haunting me from time to time. I met my Money Honey when I killed my monster again. There he was, tall, wearing a Scottish kilt with this handsome, boyish smile on his face. I had an argument with my ex husband and when I asked for divorce, he was sitting on my couch looking at me, as if he was waiting to console me! I could see sadness and worry in his eyes as he sat with us (he was actually sitting beside my ex husband!) I was so heart broken and confused due to everything that was happening, including cash problems. Thinking that he was another money monster because there was nothing coming in, I talked to my MH and tried to send him on his way, lovingly and gently. I told him we both needed some healing and that we are not compatible. I felt deep emotional hurt myself when I saw him turn his back, he disappeared for 30 mins but came back , sat right next to me in my bed as I was crying! He asked me to look for the music “Healing” by Denice Williams. I looked for it on my iPad, then as it was playing we were both crying! He hugged me and he said, “we’ll heal together”!

It was so intense and emotional! I told him we are so dramatic and he just shrugged it off and smiled. I received a £500 cash few days afterwards and he told me to go shopping, get a haircut and get my nails done (he saw that my cuticles were growing!lol!) so I did. Because my business is still not generating cash, I talked to him about it, just opened up my heart to him and how much it bothers me. He even saw me cry because I miss my mum so much (she passed away on my birthday after a year of battle with cancer).  He kept telling me to take a break and travel for 3 months outside the UK. Of course I told him I’m out of cash, but he just said “expect a miracle.”

My ex husband invited me to go out on a Sunday, so I went out with him and my MH. We ate at this restaurant just in front of my building. When he took me home, he stayed for a while and asked what my plans were. I told him what my MH wanted me to do (of course I didn’t tell him that my MH was the one who told me to travel!), he was questioning my plans at first and we almost had a other argument. But at the end of the conversation, he said he’d help me generate £4000-£5000 cash to help me, and even offered me another accommodation when I come back to London after my trip!

My Money Honey is sitting in front of me right now smiling. He’s the one who kept on telling me to email you but kept putting it off because I was so busy being depressed. Even then he stuck by me and kept reassuring me that everything will be okay, if I just have faith and try to stay happy.

Thank you Morgana, I’m so glad my MH came back to me. He really loves me deeply!

Jacqueline C.

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