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Deborah H’s Money Honey Adventure

Deborah H shares her life-changing Money Honey vision/next level breakthrough in business and life. This is such a critical awareness, especially in today’s world, that I wanted to share it with you, with Deborah’s permission.*

What’s really fun for me in this voice message is Deborah is NOT a mystic. She has not resonated with the “magic” of my message. At all. She’s results-driven. She’s also one of my all time favorite clients, who joined me on my Money Goddess Bali retreat in 2017.

And she’s sharing a splendidly spiritual moment without sacrificing an iota of who she is. Woo hoo!

I loved it so much I turned it into a quick 3 minute video (wonky timing, cheesy graphics… total amateur hour–enjoy!).

You can choose to watch the short video or close your eyes and simply listen to her audio message… or you can read the transcript below. Then post your own thoughts and experiences in the comments section!

*Deborah gave me permission to share this video with photos of her (she’s the knockout with the blue hair) and her first name/last initial publicly. I LOVE to share your breakthroughs and I also want to respect your privacy needs, obviously!


Morgana, hello. I never do audio messages, but I had such a startling vision is the only way I can put it, this morning that was Money Honey related. And I just wanted to share it with you. And you’re absolutely welcome to share as a testimonial if you think it’s valuable.

I’ve got this new Money Honey, who lives right outside my patio next to the fountain in my courtyard. Very convenient. I can visit him pretty much anytime and just some very crazy dreams this morning. Had a major coaching session this week with Shanda, lots of strategy, evolution, big changes, letting go of control, doing things that allow the company to grow and me to free up my time and attention. It’s all extremely scary. And I’m also seeing in totally new ways where I have been micromanaging and controlling in ways I just didn’t even see.

I’m at this and I had a moment where I was scrolling through monthly credit card payments of the last year or so, just like the monthly credit card bill, which I now pay off every month, 9,000, 10,000, 15,000, 12,000, just every single month. And I suddenly had this kind of like heart palpitations, seeing that every month I’m paying down a credit card bill, that’s five figures where that used to be a stunning amount of debt. I never knew how I was going to pay off at all. And I had an upper limit moment and I went and consulted with Money Honey.

And the most bizarre thing happened. I was in this space with Money Honey, where I was not in pain, I was not in fear, but there was a lot of death. There were bodies and bones crunching and walking through dark woods and slashing and burning. And it was the kind of thing that you would have thought was money monster stuff, but I was just like right in there, and I’m even getting chills as I’m thinking about it right now. And I was just curious, why are you showing me all of this? Why is all of this happening? But not, again, no fear, no pain. And he said, “I’m trying to show you that you can’t be killed. I’m trying to show you that you can’t be killed. And we’re just cutting away the layers. And once you cut away the layers, there’s only light.”

And I saw this slashing away of all the layers, all the pain, all the darkness and slashing away. And then this light started slicing out and it was just light everywhere, just light and freedom and no pain and no hurt and no fear just light. And we were just meeting in this place of light. And there was such power and such fierceness and jagged edges, but it was all light and power. And I just had this incredible sense of cutting away everything that didn’t matter. And there was just that light. And then the last frontier, and this is where I’m in now is like, yes, there’s just the light. There’s just the power, and we’re living in these bodies. We’re living in the meat puppet body. And so we’ve got to navigate that and we’ve got to figure that shit out.

But this underlying message, you can’t be killed, you’re just light was so amazing. And so that’s what I’m working with right now. That’s the next level thing. I wanted to share that with you personally and thank you again, because this shit just keeps rolling out, man. I love you. Okay. Bye.



  1. Tanja says:

    Wow, wow, wow goosebumps stuff! Expanding, freeing and infinite light, this message Is for us all. I love this, thank you for sharing 💖

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