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Dear Money Honey…

Students in my Financial Alchemy group coaching program send emails to their Money Honey each week (that their Money Honeys graciously share with me!). This email came in SIX DAYS after Chris joined my “Money Magnet Rapid Transformation Breakthrough Program” and attended his first “Quick Start” bonus call:


Dear Money Honey (and Morgana),

I wanted to let you know how my homework went and share my success story with you.

During our Money Magnet orientation call on April 12th I told you that my homework would be to write a letter to a client of mine that I have lent money to and given free coaching. This letter would be explaining that I could no longer offer free services and that I needed to be paid back right away.

That being said I did not do more than start this letter. Instead I set up a meeting with him at his office. During the meeting I told him what needed to happen and to my surprise, he did not resist. Instead he agreed to pay me back in the way that I asked by giving me some of his inventory and studio time it trade. This was the success of the homework but what happened next really amazed me.

I have been owed large sums of money from two clients of mine for quite some time. These clients were on my mind and I thought about contacting them. That same day after my meeting, my money honey told me to eat lunch before anything else. As I was eating, one of the clients called, whom I hadn’t heard from in months, and told me he wanted to meet the next day. I was amazed by this and gave a huge thank you to my money honey who replied, “you deserve it.”

After lunch the other client called me and I went to meet him. I walked in the door and he handed me $2,300. Up until that point his business had been slow and he had been paying me off bit by bit so this was quite a surprise. I new it was my money honey’s doing.

The next day I went to meet the first client and was intent on telling him that he had had enough time and that he had to come up with his balance by Friday. I was unsure of how he would take this but when I showed up, before I could say a thing he handed me $7,800 and told me he would have more for me in the next few weeks. This was even more amazing because not only would this pay off his balance, but it would include an amount to cover for his tardiness.

I attribute all of these events to my new relationship with my money honey. I am so glad to have met her. She is a most wonderful, thoughtful, and caring individual. Thank you Morgana for helping me get in touch with her. I am excited to move forward with your program and strengthen the relationship even more.


Chris Clavio

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