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Tamar Baruch’s Money Goddess Experience

Today I’m featuring a short (3 minute) video with actress Tamar Baruch. She has known the heights (and depths) of being a huge celebrity in her home country of Holland: the person everybody else wanted to be without any awareness of what the experience was like for her on the inside.

When Tamar reached out to me, her career was stalling. Inner change produces outer results. Her career is soaring again.

She shares her inner transformation here.

For the Readers, here’s the Transcript:

“My name is Tamar Baruch, and I’m an actress.

I love the money monster… work on that. Lot of crying happened there. I got a lot of crying and everything out, and then just slaying the monster with all, not just sitting there and saying, “Oh no, I slay the monster,” but really doing it with all my force, and I felt my force, and then the money honey coming there, and since then, I’ve really felt a peace within myself. And another thing I really, really love about the Hekate thing, when you, when you actually say what you want to get rid of what, you’re sick of in your life, what you don’t want anymore, what’s not good for you. Morgana really helps you really to really define it, what it is, so that you don’t get rid of something which is actually good for you, Then to really define with light on it: what you want to change in your life and come into your life from that moment onwards.

And we have a fabulous ritual she does with us. The easiness. There is no problem with no woman whatsoever. There is no competition, all of seven of us, including Morgana, beautiful, complex, and yet simple female creatures who all… I’ve never actually… How to say this in English? I’ve never actually… I didn’t want to say encountered, but lived through, felt, the sisterhood, just, there’s no jealousy, there’s no one trampling, the other person. Just feeling safe, feeling really safe, and feeling how wonderful it feels to feel safe, and to feel safe really, really profoundly within myself.

Oh, the investment was really the best investment I guess I’ve ever made or done, and it’s nothing once you’ve done it. It’s like as if you jump off an airplane and you think you have no wings and you say yes to it. I said yes to it. I realized that all the doors or like the whole cart thing was going… Everything. And you jump off and you invest the money, or I borrowed the money from the bank, and actually since I did that, I think I earned the same amount back in the four weeks coming before the retreat. I think it’s… I wouldn’t want to say it’s nothing, but at the same time, money is so virtual, so it’s with the enormousness of what we’ve got here, of what Morgana gives us and offers to us, I think it’s so worth the ride.”


Tamar is back to starring in movies and television shows like the French Netflix smash hit “The Family Business.”

Curious about my Money Goddess retreat?

It’s intimate: 8 women or less, invitation only.

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