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New Pictures from Money Goddess Retreat in Bali

This most recent Money Goddess retreat was our deepest work ever. And 2 of the women were repeats–this was their second time joining me in Bali. They said they experienced the goddess work on a much deeper level. I could see it.

Again we had participants from all over the world: Italy, Finland, Thailand, and the United States. (To date I’ve had participants from every continent except Antarctica. Must get some penguins next time!)

And I tried a new photographer this time. The photos are beyond belief!

First, a note from Shalini Yamdagni. This is her 2nd time taking the Ultimate Money Goddess journey with me in Bali:

Shalini Yamdagni in Bali Rice Paddy

“I’m still on a Bali high. It’s so fun getting together with like minded people, who are fun and honest, and not afraid to sharing their vulnerabilities, and so open to sharing and receiving and giving support and helping each other to uplift our lives. I feel blessed having such deep, amazing relationships with so many friends the world over.

And Morgana Rae, thank you for the deep transformational work you do, for your guidance and support. Thank you! Bless you!”

Next, check out these beautiful goddess photos by photographer Madison Dube: (more to come!)

Morgana's Money Goddess Group 11-14  Morgana's Money Goddess Group at Tirta Empul with Wayan Morgana's Money Goddess Group with Wayan Morgana's Money Goddess Group at Tirta Empul

Money Goddess Virginia Orgonista Taina Pemberton Megan Walrod Daniela Mannucci IMG_3535 Morgana Rae Money Goddess Tirta Empul Bali Temple Blessing Bali Water Temple Morgana RaeBali Water Temple Megan Walrod Bali Water Temple Taina Pemberton  Bali Water Temple Shalini Yamdagni

Virginia Orgonista Daniela Mannucci Taina Pemberton IMG_4716 IMG_3380 Money Goddess Morgana Rae Ultimate Money Goddess group in Bali

  1. drenka says:

    fantastic photos …wonderful energy of aware feminine power in every of YOU — glorious Goddess …I wish I can be part of your team!
    so beautiful..and awareness trough every cell of body///

    1. morgana says:

      Thank you Drenka!

  2. Syma says:

    As a Goddess Guide myself, I am so inspired to see this beautiful gathering. You all look like goddesses and I can feel Lakshmi’s radiance shining through each of you. I will be living in Thailand next year and would love to join you if you have another retreat in Bali. Many blessings.

    1. morgana says:

      Thank you Syma!

      You would have a Money Goddess neighbor in Thailand. My client Shalini (who has attended my Money Goddess Retreat in Bali twice now) lives in Thailand, too…

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...