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Cristiane, Money Goddess


Have you ever been curious about the experience of slaying a money monster? Or what it’s like to have a “Money Honey” instead?

Then you’re going to love this quick, 3-minute video with Cristiane, after she radically and passionately created an all new relationship with money on my Ultimate Money Goddess Experience week-long immersive coaching retreat in 2021.

Cristiane is an amazing, practical, left-brain smarty–she’s a project manager with a background in big Fortune 500 tech companies–and she is also an intuitive who ‘sees the energy’ of a dynamic… which is why when she’s hired to take over dysfunctional corporate teams that are hemorrhaging money, she turns them around and her teams become the flagship for most productive/highest sales/best performers company wide. Over and over again. And her bosses never know why she gets the results she gets. LOL.

When Cristiane reached out to me for my 2021 Money Goddess retreat, her circumstances had suffered a severe downturn. I won’t go into details, but I seriously had no clue how she could possibly swing the time and the investment to join my retreat. But when she said, “I don’t know how, but I know I’m going,” I believed her. And she made it happen.

SPOILER ALERT: Cristiane immediately made back her retreat investment, paid off her debts, and still had enough left over to shop for a new home. And since the retreat, she manifested her dream job with her dream company.

So you probably figured out by now that I’m an odd duck. My whole slay-your-money-monster-and-meet-your-money-honey coaching model is REALLY WEIRD. Want to see just how weird? Be a “fly on the wall,” as it were, and find out here. Cause things really change even before the money results…

(Hate to watch fun, short videos? Scroll below for the transcript.)

QUICK NOTE: I warn clients away from cartoonish Money Monsters. Cartoonish-ness can create an emotional distance that the monster can hide out in.  Cristiane is a special case, and I made an exception for her… cause it’s my job to know what’s working or not working, and what each client needs. Each coaching session is dramatically different from the next.


Now you’ve met Cristiane. I already posted about Anna and her $1.2 Million manifestation. Next up will be Lucy’s story.

I’m leading my 2024 Money Goddess Experience in Bali!


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I coach each woman 1:1 through my entire process from Money Monster to Money Honey. Guaranteed.

My promise is total access for whatever coaching you need, for the whole week. Nobody slips through the cracks. That’s why I keep my group so tiny: so you get all the attention you want and need.

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For the Readers, here’s the Transcript:

Oh, it was cool. It was kind of like putting myself into a real life cartoon. Only it wasn’t real life, but it felt like it. And I had this great big old, hairy beast like an abominable snowman only he was brown and I took this long saber knife and just gutted the sucker. I started at his heart and I just ripped him open. I ripped him open and stuff was flying all over the place and it was gory and gutsy and it just felt good to really know he was gone. He was destroyed. And I did it.

My Money Honey is the best in the world for me anyway. He’s very tall. He’s got dark hair, but the thing is he just adores me, no matter what I do, he adores me. I can get in the biggest snit and he just smiles and laughs at me, he thinks I’m cute no matter what, but he will get mad at me if I don’t take care of myself. If I am not doing things that are in my highest and best interest, he brings me down to earth and he reminds me that who I am and that he didn’t sign up for anybody except the real me.

And he’s not going to stand around and have me be anything less than that. He’s really good for me, but he just adores me. I’ve never had anybody in my life that I knew I could count on no matter what. This is unconditional love in a way I’ve never experienced it.

Just for that alone, the retreat is worth it. That experience of total love. I can see that this is really a turning point in my life. I can see that this is before the retreat and this’ll be after the retreat and they’re going to be very dramatically different. I can see me going back to work and people going, “There’s something different about you. What happened to you? What did you do? Where did you go?” It’s going to be that kind of thing.

Couple things. First, if you value yourself, you will come. And if you don’t value yourself, you better get in line to come even more so because that’s really what this retreat is about. It’s about finding within yourself who you really are and bringing it out and letting it flourish.

And that Money Honey is all part of it. That Money Honey, is that essential essence of you, that soul, that presence that real you, that’s been dying to come out and dying to take care of you and have you take care of it. So that’s what I would say.

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