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Back from my first Ultimate Money Goddess Retreat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I’m baaaack from my first-ever immersive Money Goddess Retreat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (after leading 9 retreats in Bali).  Most of what goes on cannot be shared, but what I can share I will, with photos…

San Miguel de Allende Angel

EVERY time I visit San Miguel de Allende, Mexico I consider moving their permanently. One visit I even put in an offer on a house. But I’m not sure I can give up the perfect weather and easy ocean access of Long Beach, California. It’s a tough call.

My first day back from Mexico and I was working out my sore airplane muscles in my first in-person yoga class since the pandemic began.

Yoga on the bluff in Long Beach

Before Yoga on the bluff in Long Beach

Today’s post celebrates the magic of San Miguel.


Steets of San Miguel de Allende


First off, FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m totally in the throes of missing the women from my retreat.

Every year I become this lovelorn, moon-eyed, crazy ex-girlfriend of a coach, pining for the women I got to know and coach so deeply in my retreat. Any of you reading who have the luxury (and privilege) of working with very small numbers of hand-selected ideal clients know exactly what I’m talking about. When business is relational (as opposed to transactional), the connection is real.

Every retreat I get the PERFECT group. What makes a group perfect only reveals itself over the course of the week we work together… and then it becomes really obvious. This year’s group was TINY: I only accepted 3 women. (I had some other excellent candidates. Just not right for this year, given the challenges of the pandemic.)

What was fun about this year’s retreat was I got to share my love of a new location and come up with new things, unique to the location, that I’d never include before.


Balloon ride over San Miguel!!!

San Miguel de Allende balloon ride

After the San Miguel de Allende balloon ride



After all the “heavy lifting” of coaching each woman through slaying her Money Monster and establishing a real relationship with her new Money Honey, I wanted to celebrate with a bird’s eye big vision “Athena” experience on the last day.

Athena is our next-to-final goddess in my Money Goddess pantheon. She is the goddess of Wisdom and Strategy. She’s a real visionary who rallies her troops to fulfill her mission. In Greek mythology she is represented by the Owl, so it made sense to see the world as the owl sees it–from high above–and have a real, embodied experience of soaring high.

The irony is 3 of us 4 are scared of heights (myself included–I had a few minutes of panic as we rose), so we also got to experience overcoming our fears to embrace and love the ride. The whole thing was a living, breathing, metaphor for life. And glorious.


Street Art!

This year I discovered the “Fat Bastard Art Walks” of San Miguel. The day after my retreat we all gathered together for a Lakshmi-goddess experience of beauty and philanthropy. There’s no better way to appreciate the heart and soul of a culture than its art. We donated generously to support the artists AND we donated to San Miguel’s volunteer Search and Rescue organization to put gas in their cars to get to flood-risk communities below the mountain-top cobble-stoned city of San Miguel.

I cannot recommend these art walks enough. This is a MUST DO when you go to San Miguel!!!

San Miguel de Allende masked Frida Kahlo mural


San Miguel de Allende street mural

San Miguel de Allende street muralSan Miguel de Allende street mural

San Miguel de Allende street mural

San Miguel de Allende street mural

OMG the Food!!!

I obsess over my favorite restaurants in San Miguel, and I have to admit I’m already feeling sorry for myself to be back to my usual at-home food. LOL. And now all of my women from the retreat are obsessing too. (Warning: food porn photos ahead.)

Tandoori Chicken Salad

Jicama Tacos (one of my faves)

Tuna Sashimi lunch

Avocado Smash

Smoked Trout/Fig/Pesto Pizzeta.


Fig/Rocket/Jambon Pizzeta

Salmon Meuniere



The Location



  Streets of San Miguel de Allende



Double Rainbow in San Miguel de Allende

… and a Double Rainbow to remind us when life brings us clouds, look for the rainbows.



But the GREATEST TREASURE of the retreat:

the WOMEN.

San Miguel de Allende Money Goddess Retreat group hug

This was a deliberately small and intimate group with backgrounds from North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

This is the first time we were all over 50! (I usually have a pretty even split of under and over.)

I ALWAYS get the perfect group. This year was no exception.

Will I do another retreat in Mexico?

I don’t know. I love Mexico. I love San Miguel de Allende. Doing the retreat here is harder than in Bali. Perhaps this was a one-time thing for these specific women, who couldn’t have done my retreat in Bali.

We’ll see. For now I need rest, go to my yoga classes on the beach, swim in the ocean, and allow what wants to happen in 2022 to reveal herself to me.

My next planned Ultimate Money Goddess immersion is scheduled for June in Bali.

Namaste y’all.

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