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Photos from Inside my 2014 Money Goddess Bali Retreat

We battled Money Monsters, flying monkeys, biting fish, long travel distances, heat, humidity, and bad hair…

brave photographer Jennifer MacNiven

(my brave photographer Jennifer MacNiven)

This year, EVERY Money Goddess participant spoke English as a second language.
Money Goddesses came from South Africa, Kazakhstan, Germany, Norway, India, Panama, Jamaica, and Canada.

BaliSarongsFor one week, I promised 8 women I would personally coach them to take them farther than they could go on their own, to make sure their Money Monster was slain, and that they had a new relationship with money and their personified “Money Honey.”

That’s a big scary promise, so I chose my participants carefully.

They had Unlimited Access to me morning, noon, and night for a week, to heal the issues that held them back in life, business, and love.

I coached them to move them forward on their divinely aligned goddess business path.

And I designed the program to set them up with a fiercely loyal community of sister goddesses that would have their back.

They all had one thing in common: a profoundly deep commitment to a new, Money Goddess relationship with money, life, and themselves. No obstacle would stop them.

The theme that spontaneously grew out of this group was “You can have it all.” That’s what these women discovered for themselves, and what they are bringing out into the world!

I also wanted to make sure they had PHOTOS to reflect back to them their Money Goddess transformation.

While I kept cameras out of our coaching sessions, there’s plenty more to see!  Check out the first batch of Money Goddess photos below.


ShaliniWater3 GulnarWater

BettinaYoga  Yoga2








GoddessAntoinetteMForest GoddessCarmenMForest 




GoddessBettina2014-2 GoddessKaren GoddessGulnar synnovegoddess  GoddessMoneca2 GoddessShalini2014










Monkey2 Monkey1




Peeks Inside Morgana’s Money Goddess Retreat


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  1. Tonya Anderson says:

    Morgana is brave , courageous, and her expertise is extremely effective. Super investment always.. My life is better and better every day because of Morgana’s Bali Retreat. Best investment i ever made. The pictures are just a tiny aspect of a deeply profound journey. I love you, Morgana. Wishing you the best of everything.

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