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Seeing the Future (and Instant Pain Relief)

Have you ever had the experience of seeing the future so clearly (and loudly) that it’s as if it has already happened?

I had that experience a few years back with a new client on my Money Goddess Experience retreat in Bali. Shalini Joshi Yamdagni was sitting in our small circle of women, and with every word out of her mouth I kept hearing myself thinking,”You are obviously a multiple 6-figure coach/healer, and you’re going to reach 7-figures.”

At that time, those were NOT her circumstances at all. She had a mile-long list of economic challenges and reasons to NOT join me on the retreat (and yet there she was!)

Her BEING was bigger than her circumstances.

I know from experience that life wants to catch up to who you are.

Towards the end of the week-long retreat, Shalini asked about hiring me. Since I don’t make offers at my retreats, I suggested we have a conversation when the retreat was over. She hired me for a year on 1:1 coaching. And she came back to my Money Goddess retreat a second time…

When Shalini hire me she was charging $2000 for her coaching program (which is awesome for a new business, btw). It was just too low for her talent. Out of alignment. Now she easily attracts $50,000 clients, and they love her and they refer more $50K clients her way.

Life is catching up to her.

But wait! There’s more!

This month she became an international #1 Best Selling Author with her book  “Instant Pain Relief.”

You can learn the same processes and philosophies she shares with her $50,000 clients for only $4.99 on Amazon. At least for now. (The digital price of her book is super sweet during her book launch.)

Check it out here:

Shalini will teach you how SHE HEALED HERSELF.  (She was bedridden for 7 years. Modern medicine couldn’t help her, so she cured herself.)

It’s a fantastic book, and I totally wrote one of the endorsements. As did Megan Walrod, who Shalini met on her second Money Goddess retreat.



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