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From Trailer Park to Paradise: Money Goddess Success Story

I was up late one night reading emails when Morgana’s Ultimate Money Goddess Retreat in Bali email came, my heart leapt, and I felt that it was for me. I filled out the application immediately, and was happy to get an interview right away.  I was accepted into the program and my journey began.

My reality was changed instantly.  

It was so far from my work in the government, where I was working hard as a Chief of Staff for a State Representative and living paycheck to paycheck in a trailer park. Prices all around me were rising and my salary was remaining the same. I could feel myself financially drowning and professionally trapped.

Going to a Money Goddess Retreat in Bali was a huge stretch of my reality and those around me. Just getting to Bali was a miracle, with the help of my friends, we did it.  A trip that eventually would change my entire life.  I resigned from my job, started graduate school full time and began my private practice.

Morgana’s Ultimate Money Goddess Retreat saved my financial sanity, restored my spirit and career dreams.

The financial coaching, the goddess networking, beautiful headshots, the lush experience of Bali, and abundance of organic food proved to be an excellent investment into myself, my heart and soul.

I returned to my life restored and eager to begin my new life as a Sacred Relationship coach.

Tonya Anderson
CEO and Founder of
An Exquisite Life


(Note to readers: Tonya has come to Bali with me three times now, and she’s started leading her own transformational retreats, too!)


  1. Shelli L Speaks says:

    I LOVE this story! Thank you for the motivation!

    1. morgana says:

      You’re welcome, Shelli!

  2. LiZa Bliss says:

    Sweet Morgana,

    Thank you for being you.
    I want to share with you my MM to MH experience. I had so much fun beating bashing, mutilating, burning and then burying my Money Monster. I didn’t know I could contain so much rage. MM was an insidious little guy only about 4 feet tall with the personality of Mr. Magoo, you know that bumbling little character always bumping into things that couldn’t see where he was going. He came to me disguised as my guide many years ago and on top of that he was a Monk. Yes, a bare footed Monk wearing a tattered little brown robe with a rope tie and all. This is funny as I was raised in New Thought. This monster”s name was Eldon and yes, he had taken a vow of poverty and I had accepted his guidance with my healing work. As for a healer he was a great assistant. We just didn’t get much money for our service. I am so glad that he is dead. The great thing is I feel no guilt and as a rule I don’t even kill flies.

    Woo Hoo! I got my Money Honey and he is smart, elegant, wonderful, loving, kind and very giving. We have a date daily, he loves to bathe with me in my ritual bath. he didn’t like the color of my shower curtain so we bought a new one today.

    This is so real and more and more abundance and confidence just keeps pouring in. MH lets me know when my ideas are not good for the time and helps me stay on track. And he is a real looker and that is a bonus. I don’t know his name yet but for now I call him Honey. I found a picture that looks like him from a magazine and I set it on my computer screen as background so I get to say hello when log on and off.

    I found you when Christina Morassi interviewed with you on ROAR.

    Thank you again for all that you give.

    In Love, light and laughter,


    1. morgana says:

      Woo hoo Liz! That’s wonderful!

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