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Deep Magic in Bali

Deep Magic in Bali

I had an intuition before my 6th Ultimate Money Goddess retreat in Bali: this one would have potent, deep magic.

It did.

It wasn’t an easy magic, but it felt as if the whole world was conspiring to add mojo and medicine to the experience. The election. The planets. The island of Bali itself.

For example: we were visited by a mega full moon on the first day of coaching–closer to earth than any moon in 70 years. The moon was in Scorpio (where it’s “disabled”–weakest), symbolizing a difficult relationship with your mother (or mother surrogate) and intense emotions and transformation.

I created an all new Mother Relationship meditation for this moon and this retreat, to USE the feelings and issues that were coming up.

Another odd occurrence: the day we were scheduled to dive into the Goddess archetype of Hekate, the Island of Bali was celebrating the Goddess Durga–the Hindu counterpart to Hekate! That’s a pretty stunning coincidence.

These coincidences went on and on…

Meanwhile through out the week there were signs of animal magic at work: certain creatures were appearing in our paths over and over again, as if to send a message.

  1. Butterflies represent the Goddess Psyche in Greek Mythology, and Psyche is the FIRST Money Goddess archetype of our curriculum (butterflies were everywhere!)
  2. Frogs represent transformation and prosperity (little frogs appeared to greet us)
  3. Geckos represent regeneration and speaking your truth (super relevant part of this course!)
  4. Spider represents weaving it all together. (I didn’t see the spider, but it was the perfect messenger for the woman who did.)

At times it felt like 8 different retreats were going on (each woman has her own customized experience as needed, and no two people are coached the same way), while at the same time the  group bonded intensely as a community.

That is Group Magic and Sister Magic… to keep the shifts alive and supported long after we leave the island. And to reveal to you that the pain that has kept you separate all your life is mirrored and shared in some way by every other woman in this sacred circle.

We had business breakthroughs, money breakthroughs, life purpose breakthroughs… and my favorite moment of the entire event was when one member confided to me, on the very last day, that she woke that morning loving herself for the first time in her life.

There is no deeper magic than that. Namaste.








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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...