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Deborah Hurwitz’s Money Goddess Experience with Morgana Rae in Bali

Check out Deborah Hurwitz’s first hand account of her Money Goddess Experience with Morgana.

(And her update two years later.)


Hi, I’m Deborah Hurwitz. I’m a composer, music director and productivity coach living in Los Angeles and New York. Bali has been on my bucket list for a really long time. I have been looking for an opportunity to do a deep dive on some stuff that really matters to me, some longstanding issues and I had met Morgana when we were co-colleagues in another coach’s course. I was really impressed by how she ran her own business. I was really impressed with just her day to day do and I knew I wanted to know more about her and possibly work with her. Then I found out from a mutual friend and colleague that she does a yearly retreat in Bali and I knew as soon as I found out that she did a yearly retreat in Bali, I pretty much knew I was going. The rest was just filling in the details and it all just lined up and it felt like a big huge yes from the moment that I found out that it existed and when it was. Then having a nice long chat with Morgana really sealed the deal.

I’m going to use it most immediately in everything I’ve got coming up on the calendar, which includes some really important stuff with my husband, some really important personal and travel stuff, some really important milestones in my business. And rolling out over the next year or two, I also see some real clarity around developing effective strategies and being able to execute them without panic, which has not always been available to me in the past.

It’s hard to pick one thing as the most valuable thing that I’ve gotten out of the retreat, but I would have to say that the ability to take anything that’s frightening me and handle it in a way that feels integrated, and powerful, and filled with possibility and joy on the other end is probably the single most valuable thing.

Fuck, yeah, I would recommend this to others. Absolutely. Being here being 8,000 miles away from home, feeling like I’m 8,000 miles away from home in the excellent care of someone who has led this thing eight times now with some wonderful other women as well is a pivotal experience. It’s definitely one of those once in a lifetime kinds of things. I know I’m going to be taking this with me. It’s been intense from day one in the best possible way. I crave intensity. I live on intensity, and this is the kind of thing that if Bali is calling to you, if a retreat is calling to you, if a deep dive into whatever your final frontier is, is calling to you, this is the place to go and this is the person to be there with.


But wait! There’s more!


(Posted to Facebook January 20,2020)


Then many months later, Deborah left me this voice message that blew my mind:

  1. joao oliveira says:

    I am full of fears and doubts and limiting beliefs I really want to know WHAT IS MY PURPOSE WHAT AM I DOING HERE WHY DO NOT CAN DEFI NE OR GO FOR ANYTHING WHY I AM STUCK FOR EVER EVER whay i can not overcome all those fears rejection be asha ed criticism do not be enough who can help me ? how

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