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Money Goddess Stories

Excuse my tardiness! On this twelfth year of leading my Ultimate Money Goddess Experience coaching retreat in Bali and Mexico, I realized I have over a decade of Money Goddess Stories buried deep in my blog and elsewhere, and these powerful, magical women deserve ATTENTION in one, easy-to-find location.

I’ll be gathering their videos and statements here, as I find them, in no particular order (I love them all), to inspire you no matter what your circumstances may look like at this moment. Because many of these women arrived with very dramatic circumstances.

Here’s why I post so many videos: anybody can claim anything.

I’m pretty skeptical about 90% of the “success story” claims I see posted, especially if no one is named.

But when you have a name and a face and a story in a person’s voice… you can look them up and ASK THEM directly about their experience, what they think of me, what happened after the retreat. (hint hint)

Cause things get much, much better AFTER the retreat is over. It’s not a about a (fist bump) “you go, Goddess!” contact high and then back to life as usual. That’s bullshit.

It’s all about creating a shift so dramatic that for the rest of their lives they talk in glowing terms about Before and After the event.

Each video is SUPER SHORT. (Most are between 1 and 3 minutes.)

Learn more about my Money Goddess Retreat in Bali and Mexico and apply for an interview at Admission is invitation-only. You cannot purchase a ticket online.

1) “Inside Peek” with Caroline Konnoth, Tonya Anderson, and Pirie Jones Grossman share their experiences being coached and their MONEY MANIFESTATIONS. Which were wildly bigger following the retreat. 8-figures bigger for Pirie, for example. And love. And lots of other good stuff… (2 min)


Not interviewed in the video, but you can see her above, far right, is Gaby B from Peru. She was just out of college, 6-figures deep in debt. She now sits on the Forbes Business Council, heads a multi-million dollar financial education empire, and she has a billboard on Time Square:

And Julie from Australia (to the right of me)

And Terez from California (next to Julie)

And Virginia (second from the left)


2) Canada’s Lori Ann Lothian. More wild Money Magic Manifestation from the get-go (also nothing compared to what came after). This retreat also launched her 6-figure “Lunatic Astrology” business.


3. Shalini Joshi Yamdagni, from India and Thailand, had a list of a dozen compelling economic reasons to NOT go on my retreat. She had only one reason in the “yes” column: she said her soul would die if she didn’t. She told me this when she wasn’t sitting with me at the retreat. Since she made that crazy investment (and crazier still, she hired me for a year of private coaching after the retreat), her coaching fees have grown from $2,000 to $50,000 and higher. She leads her own Bali retreats, and she became an international best selling author in 2022 with her first book “Instant Pain Relief.”


4. Anna Gatmon (from Israel and Sweden)… made $1.2 MILLION in four months after the retreat! The punchline is Anna was the most skeptical, the most “is this going to be worth it?” participant on my 2021 retreat. (You can hear it in this 1 minute video.)  Ha ha!  She has volunteered to come back as my 2022 assistant for more magic.


5, Money and LOVE! Marina Dell’Utri from Italy sold her company for 300,000 Euro, on her terms, after everyone (except me) told her that was impossible. Then she fell in love and had a baby she named “Athena”… one of my goddess archetypes. Everything she ever wanted. And she’s still a genius entrepreneur.


6. Holland-born Tamar Baruch is amazing. She was a huge celebrity child star. Her career is soaring again, and she found a Sisterhood with my other retreat women she had never experienced before. Tamar even married Devin and me when we visited her in Paris. Oh, and if you’ve been thinking, “but I can’t afford it,” neither could Tamar at the time. Listen to the end for what she did, and what she says about the investment.


7. Demetria Manuselis was starting at ground zero. She had left her marriage. She was leaving her job. And she’s a mother. She’d already tried a ton of other programs and was still missing a piece she needed… that she finally got on this retreat, and she successfully launched her Soul Freedom coaching business.


8. Australia’s Crystal Woods is a data analyst (smart!) who talks to ghosts and is one of the most powerfully magical people I’ve ever met. She held the cloud cover for the other women during their photo shoots. She was also in constant communication with the local volcano. It held its eruption until 2 hours after she had departed, and the volcano quieted back down to allow the rest of us to depart days later. I totally forgot she also won a free car…  oh, and when she pauses, she’s totally channeling.


9. Brazil-born Artist/Coach/Healer Suzy McCally is a successful entrepreneur, cult survivor. After the retreat she recorded, released, and toured her first musical CD, launched her first online coaching program, got her MFA, and became a Real Estate “mogul” and owns 3 income properties on two continents.


10. Why this may be my FAVORITE video: award-winning composer/conductor/musician (Broadway, the White House, you name it), and Productivity Coach Deborah H was financially anxious and not at all into my woo-woo magic stuff when she went on my 2018 retreat. Two years later she was making half a million. Then she had a full on MONEY HONEY MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE that she shared in this quickie phone message. And yeah, her income soared. I get such a kick out of that. Another “Rich Witch” for my Coven. LOL.


11. Techno-preneur Catherine Oliven was feeling “tired and depleted” when she signed up for my Ultimate Money Goddess retreat. She arrived skeptical, saying, “I don’t think I belong here” on Day One. By Day Six she had led us through a Money Goddess yoga class, and she was putting together a big telecommunications deal. She met her first-time-ever husband 2 weeks after returning home from the retreat, and years later they’re still madly in love. Catherine came back to assist me with my retreat the following year. She also came to a “Rich Witch” retreat at my house (available only to my Money Goddess Retreat alumnae), where one of our processes gave her the idea to develop an app, so that’s what she’s doing now…


12. Being a leader can be lonely and exhausting. To save the world you must save yourself first! Meet Cattle Rancher, Screenwriter, and World Changer Sandra Matheson, a leader in Sustainable Agriculture and the Founder of “New Cowgirls.” Here’s what she did when she, the helper for everyone else, needed some help for herself.


I need to take a break! More notes, more videos, and more women to come…

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