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Money Goddess Game

The Money Goddess Game:
(The Secret Behind 7 Figure Money Manifestations)

Play the game to discover which Money Goddess archetype YOU are…and find out your super powers and life lessons to fully manifest abundance.

I’ve been investigating why so many of my clients manifested 6 figures, 7 figures, and even 8-figures in recent years. And first time marriages. And some healing miracles.

The quick answer is most of these clients were doing my Money Goddess curriculum–either through 1:1 coaching, or my annual Money Goddess Retreat (happening again in 2024).

Digging a little deeper, I realized the women with the biggest successes embodied 1 or 2 specific “Money Goddess” archetypes: they were soulful “Persephones” and go-getter “Athenas.”

Watch the video below to find out what characteristics make a woman a Persephone or an Athena (or both), and see if you fit into one of these categories. (If this video doesn’t play in firefox, try Chrome.)

How The Money Goddess Game Works

We posted a series of short client videos… can you GUESS which women are Persephones, which are Athenas?

This is a GAME. You cannot possibly “lose” this game. The point is to help you recognize patterns–positive and negative–that reveal the different goddess archetypes.

=> Watch the videos and post your guesses, with a quick sentence WHY you think a woman is a Persephone or an Athena.

If you do this for 5 of the very short videos below, we’ll send you Morgana’s Money Goddess Cheat Sheet.

  1. GUESS who’s an Athena and who’s a Persephone, or who’s a hybrid of the two.
  2. Give a reason for your guess
  3. Collect a prize (or prizes)



But wait! There’s more!

Which Money Goddess Are You?


=> Share which archetype you think YOU are, for some bonus tips on how to use YOUR specific Money Goddess superpowers to manifest what you desire.

You don’t have to get a correct answer to win: you just need to play. Kind of like life, right?


It’s good to be a goddess. Start living like one today!


1. Anna (Middle East)

2. Caroline (India)

3. Marina (Italy)

4. Deborah Hurwitz

5. Pirie Jones Grossman

6. Lori (Canada)

7. Lisa

8. Demetria

9. Shalini (Thailand)

10. Catherine

11. Tamar (Holland & France)

12. Melodie

13. Suzy (Brazil)

14. Desiree (Denmark)


16. Lindsay (Lebanon)

17. Cristiane

18. Taina (Finland)

19. Daniela (Italy)

20. Tiffaney

21. Jan (Australia)

22. Jennifer

23. Kamala

24. Crystal (Australia)

25. Sandra

26. Sofie (Sweden)

Who do you think is a Persephone, and who do you think is an Athena? (And who are YOU?)

CLICK HERE to post your Money Goddess Game guesses–and reasons why.


  1. Anna Esen says:

    1. Anna – like me a mix of Persephone and Athena (a strong woman using her Brain to figure things up and yet very empathic and emotional ✨ and she went as me through a lot of challenges to get to know herself)
    24. Sofie – Persephone because she has been on a difficult journey to hell and back and started loving what once cause her pain
    8. Catherine – Athena (strong entrepreneur searching for more connection to herself and getting out of the Depleting circle from hard work)
    2.Caroline – Athena clear intelligence on point communication with not a lot of emotions
    14. Lindsay – Athena . Focus on entrepreneurial work and not allowing the rest of her life areas to bloom. Speak less in emotional words more intellectual and felt like not comfortable with sharing the crying and yet because of the safe space she did it

    I’m the combination of Persephone and Athena. The powerful strong woman with get it done meno. Highly Intelligent and working in strong masculine area and not loving women and yet protecting my even stronger empathic, loving and compassionate side so I don’t get hurt. Went through the hell and on my way back and definitely feeling overwhelmed with the fact that this strong woman that I’m feels like the need to be safe (the small girl). ✨✨✨

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