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Manifestation Master Classes™ Proposal


Hi. You have been invited to this page because I think you are the Cat’s Meow!

I am honored and excited about the opportunity to feature you as a speaker on my upcoming event. 

We have an incredible team working hard to make this project a super success, and to make it a great experience for all of our listeners and speakers.

This telesummit format will be 3 days of calls that are 60 minutes long.

New calls air Friday, Saturday and Sunday on February 5, 6, and 7.

The calls are typically 45 minutes of actionable content with 15 minutes of soft promotion at the end. IF YOU CHOOSE TO SELL SOMETHING, YOU CAN KEEP 100%.

Benefits To You:

  • Our first goal is to always have at least 500,000 people emailed about every event we create. And we want as many of those people as possible notified about you, your message and your resource.
  • You get to keep 100% of the profits on anything you sell on your call. Keep it all. You earned it!
  • You can earn money before the series even starts. You will be given an email about the event you are speaking on containing an affiliate link so that you can start making money even before the teleseminar series starts. Just mailing it out to your email database and everyone who registers for the event will be given opportunities to purchase the recordings and transcripts of the event. You will receive 45% for every buyer you refer, including buyers from my pre-event webinars.
  • The more clicks you refer, the more exposure you get. The top group of click senders will go live on Friday and their replays will be available Saturday and Sunday. The next group of click senders will go live on Saturday, and their replay will be available on Sunday…
  • More exposure! Our top 5 click senders and top 5 sales referrers will be featured on a surprise “Summit Favorites” replay weekend. (Top click senders and sales referrers who are not speakers can offer a free opt in gift.)

The 3 Simple Steps

  1. Click here and fill out your affiliate information.
  2. Set a date for us to prerecord your teleseminar call, and send us some basic information we need, and that is pretty much it. At the end of your call we encourage you to offer one of your fee or free products through your own shopping cart link.
  3. Then when launch time comes we will provide you with tested emails that already have your affiliate link in them. You just need to send out 1-2 quick emails (we request a minimum of 500 clicks total) announcing the event and that is it.

Mailing dates are January 25-29 through February 3.

Clicks and sales will be tallied up to determine the weekend line up at 11:59 pm on February 3.

Please let me know what else I can do to help you. Contact me directly at any time!

I look forward to a long and mutually prosperous friendship.

To your Abundance and Prosperity,




Charmed Life Coaching Inc

Important: Copyright Agreement. By participating in any of our teleseminars or webinars you agree to the following agreement.

Both parties have full ownership and rights to the recordings with no expectation for compensation except for affiliate commissions for sales of the recordings. Both parties can sell, give away, license, or repurpose the recordings as they see fit in any and all mediums and languages currently known or ever developed in the future. Morgana Rae, Charmed Life Coaching Inc and/or their companies have permission to use your name, picture, and/or likeness in order to help promote the teleseminar series or the recordings. We really appreciate you and this un encumbers us when it comes to promoting the recordings and you.