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Mentorship Application

Dear Mentorship Candidate,

Congratulations for taking this powerful next step to creating your own magical life of Ease, Love, and Prosperity!

I am deeply committed to your success.

As a coach, leader, and mentor in the coaching industry for 30 years now, I’m profoundly committed to 100% client happiness. Part of that commitment involves “fit” and working only with clients whom I believe will thrive from our work.

To that end I have created an application process and interview to help me know you and your needs better before I suggest ways we might work together… if appropriate.

I review each application personally before scheduling an Assessment Session–if I have an opening for a new client, and I genuinely feel I can help you–or to make other recommendations, based on what you shared in your responses below.

Whether we work together or not, know that I am on your side and rooting for your success!

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    Where is your life falling short of your desires, and why?*

    Why is this important?*

    Describe your current relationship with money:*

    What’s the cost—unrealized income, quality of relationships, confidence, health, peace of mind--of continuing on the same course?*

    What do you do (or aspire to do) professionally?*

    Have you hired a coach in the past? If so, what was your experience?*

    What is your monthly income?*

    What should it be?*

    Who or what do you see as responsible for your current results?*

    What do you believe you need to get different results?*

    Are there any other areas of your life that you want to change—relationships, family, health, spirituality? What changes would you like to see?*

    If we could get rid of your biggest obstacle, what could your life look like a year from now?*

    On a scale of one to ten, how committed are you to achieving your goals?*


    Is there anything else you think would be helpful for your coach to know about you?*


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