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An Unstoppable Night, and my Day with Bob Proctor

This year I decided to go all out and support a cause I’m passionate about–economic transformation and education–in a bigger way than I ever had before. I gave a large sum of money to the Unstoppable Foundation, a nonprofit close to my heart, that’s working in partnership with the Malala Fund.


(Malala is the young girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban, for speaking out for the rights of girls to get an education.)

And to be honest, after my donation I had a lot of head chatter and second guessing myself.

But when I attended the Unstoppable Gala Saturday night, with Martin Sheen, Brandy, and hundreds of the world’s leaders in personal development, and I heard Malala’s speech and saw the lives we had already changed… I couldn’t stop crying all evening. I was so happy to be helping.

Pictures from the Gala:

  UnstoppableBallroom BrandyJamal
DevinMorganaUnstoppable ConnieMorganaDevinUnstoppable
TonyaMorganaUnstoppable MorganaAndAva
MorganaAndConnie IMG_1999
IMG_2004 IMG_1998
The next day I got to hang out with Bob Proctor (a much bigger contributor), Bill Harris, and friends like Marcia Weider, Christina Morassi, and other do-gooders.
A small group of us spent the day strategizing how to raise more money to build more schools, villages, and clean water wells in Africa over the next 90 days.
BobProctor MorganaBillHarris   IMG_2019 UnstoppableMastermind
My favorite takeaway from Bob: 
As someone who has faced huge financial obstacles, he says his financial debts were GIFTS. They made him think of things he wouldn’t have had to think of. They made him stretch. They ultimately made him rich.
And if you have a great relationship with a Money Honey who loves you, that makes sense, doesn’t it?
Warm regards,
Morgana Rae
PS: Gal pal Christina Morassi and I are hatching up an outrageous project to sponsor a whole village in Africa ($25,000) this year. Every cent goes to serving the children and their families. Stay tuned… 

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  1. Dr. Larry says:

    I love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!! bless you!!
    I especially love the part about the Money Honey. She got to look at a
    mercedes that I really want!!!!!!!!
    Many thanks for your work.
    Dr. larry

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