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Small is the new Big

Morgana at RejuvenateI’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last year. Small is the new big.

I see friends focus on their big online events with the massive email campaigns. 6 figures used to be a sales target. Then 7 figures. Now it’s multiple 7 figures.

The business model can be GREAT for creating awareness, building a movement, forming a community.

It can also be a lot of stress and a huge money suck. That big money launch doesn’t look so big when you look at the net profit–what’s left over after all the contractors and partners are paid.

I was running numbers recently on this model. In most cases you need to make over $100,000.00 in sales BEFORE you see a penny of profit!

This totally works for a number of my friends. I have trouble making sense of it.

I’ve had so many conversations with high profile people in personal development who did their big online events, did their big on stage events, made massive amounts of money… only to discover they were exhausted and in the hole financially. And these are GREAT people! Far better at promotions and sales than I am.

Is it any wonder that everyone seems to have Adrenal fatigue these days?

I’m sharing this with you because it’s so easy to get seduced by the “Go Big!” hype. And it’s not your only option for a rich, impactful, and prosperous life:

I’ve been very happy scaling my business down to work with fewer people, deeper. A decade ago I was working with hundreds of clients each year. No more! Instead I focus on micro retreats of 8 people or less. Very small coaching groups, small enough to offer 1:1 coaching to EVERY member. Deep dive 1:1 private clients. The smaller the group, the bigger the results.

I may very well try the massive online launch option at some point. But for now I love small. Less stress. Fewer moving parts. More client happiness. More profit.





  1. Aysha Mary Islam says:

    Dear Morgana, I have followed you for quite some time.
    I love your work! Whilst money is important I think quality of life is equally as important! I like the idea that you really focus on the lucky clients that get to work with you! They really get your focus and that is amazing. sometimes when we focus on trying to do too much we can lose something very precious on the process such as health and that is something that can never be bought! Thank you for the work you do and I look forward to working with you when I get a job! You are onmy bucket list. Much Love Always Aysha

  2. Aysha Mary Islam says:

    Dear Morgana, I just had an idea as I was writing the above post! I would like to do the 90 day programme but could you offer a longer instalment programme as that would make it possible for me to do? I do not have a credit card or I would have used it for this course. If the above request is not possible what do you suggest? Much Love Aysha
    Ps I love the fact that you have such a connection with the Vedic traditions from India as I really resonate with the Hindu Gods.

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