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Manifestation Master Classes — Lock in Your Learning

Here’s how to lock in your learnings from the Manifestation Master Classes.

(And I’m including a list of the teachers, to help you remember the highlights.)
Jeff Gignac: How to be Manifest Miracles with Mindfulness
Sheevaun Moran: Manifest Clarity and Profits from the Inside Out
Brent Phillips: Awaken to Your Highest Potential
Carol Allen: Ancient Vedic Spiritual Tricks to Ramp up Your Love Life
Lauren Frances: How to Manifest Legendary Love
Lisa Turner: Activate and Unblock your Profit Chakra
Harrison Klein: 3 Wealth Principles That Never Fail
Karen Knowler: Raw Foods to Raise Your Vibrations
Mellissa Seaman: How to Work with Your Soul Gifts
Bob Doyle: Easier Manifestation Through Self Care
Derek Rydall: Awakened Wealth
Jeanna Gabellini: 6 Step Profit Formula
Michael Stratford: Manifest More by Being Yourself
and of course me — Morgana Rae: How to Be Irresistibly Magnetic to Money

Post your top take-aways below!

  1. Susan says:

    My top takeaway was finding out that I’m a transmitter. I was the outlier in our family, who blamed and ostracized me for being different from them–too much and not enough, never living up their expectations. No more! I feel like I clicked into place with that information. Thanks so, so, much!

    1. mellissa says:

      Yay for you, Transmitter Sister!

  2. Ong, Chee Hock says:

    A very, very fruitful and assisting tool on wealth, as well as health with protective element.. Hope to see more this video.

  3. Nadine says:

    I really enjoyed many speakers including Derek Rydall and his 7 gifts that give you everything. Karen Knowler and her 3 raw e-magazines full of tons of great information for eating raw. Harrison Klein and his wonderful 3 wealth principles to use #1-love yourself, #2-Bigger vision to serve vast #s of people=greater influence, #3-Sense of destiny (on purpose with life vision).
    Jeff Gignac and his great Mindfullness audio and video. It was chalk full of great masters information! THANK YOU MORGANA! Nadine:)

  4. Monique Lapierre says:

    My first choice is for Michael Stratford: The price of not being me. My second is for Dereck Rydall: Burry it the dirt.
    Thanks to everyone who participated. You are great.

  5. Evakarin says:

    Radical self care ????

  6. Wendy says:

    I missed the deadline for the calls unfortunately, will they be reposted at a later date? however, after listening to Morgana speak about the money monster, my world started to change once I realised the money monster had been ruling me for most of my life! and then I found my money honey! I have been speaking to him every day, he’s got me holding my faith and feeling very loved. thank you Morgana!

  7. Susan says:

    Jeanna Gabellinis’ 6 Step Profit Formula is my new Mantra!
    “Perceive, Receive, Offer, Feel, Inspire, Touch “

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