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Financial Alchemy by Morgana Rae – Book Trailer

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  1. Pat says:

    Great trailer, Morgana! I haven’t done the Financial Alchemy workbook since 2005 so look forward to it again 🙂

  2. Claudia Kohl says:

    Morgana, I am sure that a lot of work and ideas went into this video. Sure, your book will be great just as your coachings. I like the story but it is just a bit too long…

    What is really boring (I am sorry) are the pictures and the slides. I would love to see you, being the main character in your story. Like a funny picture of you, sitting at your desk wondering why you are still broke, when your clients are on the red carpet. Doesn’t need to be fancy graphic design… just pictures of you illustrating your story. You marrying money etc…… I think, you got the idea….

  3. Rob says:

    Doesn’t play for me and I’ve checked that my Internet connection is live.

  4. jessica says:

    Not bad Morgana thus think/feel as Claudia Kohl … she sort of spoke for me … while watching video .. too long, slides, etc… 🙂

  5. Michael John Fierro says:

    While I found the video to be informative (with a touch of entertainment), I felt the music to not be complimentary to the message.

  6. Steve says:

    I can get this book at Amazon now. What is so special on Jan 23?

    1. morgana says:

      Great question, Steve. If you buy it on January 23, you’ll get huge bonus gifts.

  7. Doreene says:

    Great job. You’re always inspiring, however, I think the trailer should be shorter.
    Cut it in have and make it more compelling for those of us who have wanted your book but haven’t bought it yet therefore we’re still in a rut with our money monster! right now its the same old book and bonus stuff. Much love and success to you as always.

  8. Sue says:

    After watching that… wait til January 23?! I want to buy it now so the ‘money magnetism’ can start to happen now!

  9. Patricia Blumhageno says:

    A beautiful presentation I liked the flow of money with the flower. It gave me a feeling that money had an energy that could be created with the mind. There was no power for getting money but rather, a real possibility for obtaining it: not a dream but a reality.

    Thank you,


  10. morgana says:

    Hi Sue. You have lots of options. I have OTHER products available at

    Also, I have a FREE teleclass replay available until midnight Thursday (11/16) that has a ridiculously generous continuing education offer at the end.

    The replay link is

    If you take a look at my success stories at, you’ll see you don’t need to wait to begin the magnetism.

  11. Suzanne Bean says:

    I love the video and I look forward to reading the book!!!! Wonderful!! 🙂

  12. Clairemarie says:

    I always love everything you do Morgana, but the music on this video is not an accurate reflection of your essence. It does not enhance your message but actually gets in the way. Perhaps, if you still have the freedom to modify this important creation of yours, you could experiment with other background music that would better serve in seamlessly melding with your beautiful message. Sound is powerful, and I believe that it would be worth exploring a new soundtrack that would be more instrumental in assisting others to see you as the sweet Goddess that you truly are.

  13. ruby says:

    I liked the whole video. hearing your voice made me put a face with a voice and a personality. That is important to me. I’m looking forward to buying your book.

  14. Phil says:

    the new trailer is just perfect Morgana! very concise and to the point.

  15. Stan Scott says:

    Great trailer, Morgana! It hints at your system of viewing money, yet leaves the viewer wanting to know more. I look forward to reading your book.

  16. Linda Crawford says:

    As always love what your up to…(minus the music in the background) lol…January 23rd is my birthday so guess what I’ll be buying for myself…Happy Day Dear Goddess…I look forward to reading your book Morgana!

  17. Lori says:

    AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT! Will be sharing. 🙂

  18. Vincent Melling says:

    I’ll be honest – I stopped the video about a minute in – probably because much as I love and appreciate your work, I have the book and I’ve heard it all before.

    The focus has to be “what problem(s) does the book solve for the viewer”. And while you tell a great story, that needs to be the theme.

    You open with “Does money love you? Or is your relationship with money a mess?”. As a client, I like the first sentence – but as someone coming fresh to your work, it may seem odd. The second sentence is great – and I’d follow it with 2-3 more questions that expand on that – “Does it seem that whenever you do have money, it just seems to slip through your fingers?”. I’m sure I’ve heard you say these before on podcasts/ radio programs

    Then I’d follow with your story about your own life – “I used to be how you are today…”. Then the MH solution and the book. And then your bio and testimonials/references. This order is very similar to the promos for all those podcasts you do

    I agree that the music does not feel right.

    Personally, I’d avoid the temptations of anything directly connected with money (Abbas’s “Money Money Money”, or Pink Floyd’s “Money” and go for a slow classical piece



  19. Gwen Garner says:

    Your book sounds amazing. i really enjoyed the video. I heard your hour long talk. You talked about your website your life without magnet. This website didn’t come up. It came with a special of $99 for this program. Please email me back with how to access this.
    Thank you
    Gwen Garner

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Gwen. Click here to access my special offer:

  20. Anthony Thomas says:

    Very creative and well done. the music was fun and up lifting. looking forward to the telesummit. Namaste Many blessings.

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