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[Case Study] Destination Retreat Dream into Reality

How Jill built her Lucrative, Life-Changing Destination Retreat Business…

When Jill Hendrickson came to my house for my Destination Retreats Blueprint intensive in 2015, she had been dreaming of leading retreats for 20 YEARS and had still never done it.

She joined me in Long Beach for my 3-day Destination Retreats Blueprint micro-intensive with 2 other change makers who wanted to lead retreats.

Jill was not a coach. She had no clients. Jill was a travel journalist, and believed in the power of writing to transform.

We dove deep into Jill’s background and her motivation for leading high ticket, deep transformation, destination retreats.

I discovered she had been an abused wife. She healed herself with writing. She had joined in Ashram in India where she connected with Hindu Goddesses.

We gave birth to Jill’s Writing Goddess Retreats in Bali, focusing on women getting divorces who want to rewrite their lives.

And, to add more value to her clients and make her retreats even more attractive, I suggested that she partner with a friend of mine to make her participants BEST SELLING AUTHORS!!!

Cause what better way to restart your life, right?

Then I gave her a plan for getting visible and known so her people could find her.

(Jill’s marketing plan was very different from the plans I suggested to the other two clients of my Destination Retreats Blueprint–they already had coaching businesses and audiences in place.)

Jill followed my plan, filled and led her retreat, and made $10,000 her first time out!

It was the BEST time of her life… so she led another one!

And she parlayed her success with retreats into a thriving coaching practice as well… just as we planned.

Leading retreats for small groups of invested, motivated, enthusiastic clients is the best feeling in the world. Totally addictive. I should know. 🙂




PS. Jill was leading her second retreat this year, right after my Bali retreat in May, so we actually got to hang out together the day after my retreat ended! Here we are, while I pretend to play a harp…

Bali destination retreat

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