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You know how we all have certain
ideas in our head of what success
looks like and how we’ll know we
“made it”?

For many years I’d listen to Lisa Garr’s
“Aware Show” on Los Angeles radio,
hearing her interview Wayne Dyer,
Jack Canfield, Reverend Michael Beckwith,
and all the most amazing leaders
in personal development, and I’d
think to myself, “I want to be on that

And I was on that show… for the first
time in 2006.

Lisa and I have been friends ever since.
Her new book “Becoming Aware” is
being released by Hay House THIS WEEK!



In her book Lisa shares with you her journey
from a near death experience that  left her without the ability to
say even a few words, to become a TV and
radio talk show host, as well as create her online summits,
and so much more that she has never revealed before.

The vision for it all, the creation of “The Aware Show” and
“Being Aware”, came from this life changing experience
that instilled in her a vision and a passion for changing lives
for the better with practical information you can use
in every aspect of your life too.

She’s never shared this before.

Click Here To Purchase Your Copy

And there is a BONUS FOR YOU just
for taking action now!

A Bonus that is private and special
just for you, as Lisa is giving you a
Hidden Chapter just for ordering now.

In “Becoming Aware” Lisa shares her
personal story, which has never been
told before, that led her to manifesting
all she shares with you today.

There are literally DOZENS of Exercises,
Techniques, Teachings and Awarisms,
that she uses daily that you can benefit
from immediately.

Lisa has learned these from over
1500 transformational leaders
that she has interviewed over
the past 15 years on her
TV and Radio Talk Shows.

Grab the book (and bonuses) now!




PS: did I mention that her mentor and great friend Dr Wayne Dyer wrote a personal Foreword to bless her book!

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