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Communication and Creating a Soft Landing during Crazy Times

No, it’s not just you. The world is nuts. Besides the too-strange for fiction front page news, weird science denial, and stuff I never expected to see in my life, Mars (for my woo astrology-loving friends) is super intense, we’re entering a Mercury Retrograde “shadow” period, and the other mischief abounds.

So if it seems like even your most even-keeled friends are a little sensitive and aggressive, and you’re feeling a little extra out of sorts or irritated yourself, you’re not alone. (And if you’re feeling awesome, we love you too! There’s always an outlier.)

Pressure tends to reveal the underlying fissures in relationships–with lovers, family, business, friendships, money, ourselves–so we can see what needs attention. And that’s a good thing.

There’s no better time to stock your tool belt with effective new skills to counter the crazy.


We jumped into how to calm the crazy and ask for what you in in a way that GETS YOU WHAT YOU WANT here on our October 7, 2020 live broadcast of Crazy Sexy Midlife Love Radio.

And we’ll be diving in even deeper next week on Wednesday, October 21 at 5pm pacific time!

  1. Daniel says:

    Your enthusiasm is so delightful and very uplifting and in this bonkers world a whole industry of “shift beings” are helping us to find a passage way through the bonkersness to some conclusive “realisation” that supports our “existence”. With so much pure intent that we are spoilt for choice from these wonderful hearted beings.
    I could class myself l suppose as a loiterer, someone who reads all of the information, a gift in and of itself, and is able to draw the energy from the spoken and written words of those who kindly give up there time and effort to support the world community or guide them you could say, to something that they already have.
    Thank you for being.
    P.S Bonkers is ok……….

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