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How to Work with Morgana

“Does Money Love You?”

Don’t let the “Money” focus fool you: this coaching
is connected to your WHOLE LIFE.


Your new relationship with Money will demand your highest good in all areas of your life. Your new “Money Honey” may tell you to go dancing, clean your house, improve your marriage, or any number of things that may appear unrelated to money.

Money is the #1 excuse for people not living their dreams, so we typically shift a client’s relationship with money first, so results can be achieved in other areas—relationship, family, health, business—more quickly.

=> If you are new to my work or on a micro-budget, what I call the “Beginner Path,” you may want to start with my Self-Study programs HERE.

After the Beginner Path, when you’re ready to invest in working DIRECTLY with me to accelerate your results and upgrade your life rapidly, there are several ways to work with me…

If this is what is calling you at this time, please fill out an application for a direct conversation, so we can take a look at what personalized coaching options might work best for you.

To get an idea of some of the coaching programs I might be offering, you can take a look at a few of my group and private coaching programs below.




Morgana’s Ultimate Money Goddess Retreat in Bali

While I have always coached men and women, I find something magical happens with groups of women. My current community programs are designed specifically for women.

This is my favorite, most MAGICAL program, available ONCE A YEAR, for tiny groups of up to 8 women only.

There’s nothing like this in the world.

Because of the small size, every woman gets all the personal coaching with me that you want and need over the course of a week in paradise. We start with the money monster and money honey (Money Honey is guaranteed!), and then we go everywhere: whatever you want help on, just ask.

Nothing goes deeper, and the sisterhoods forged in this unique event last a lifetime.

My Ultimate Money Goddess Retreat” requires an application and interview for consideration.

Be A Money Goddess!


Your Sisterhood for Advanced Alchemy: THE COVEN

You have already slain monsters, partnered with your Money Honey, and you are playing at a high level of mastery.

You find that mastery presents its own challenges:

* Maybe you’ve discovered a new money/love/health/life monster has arrived for your next initiation.

* Maybe you’re in a Money Honey happy place and you want support in expanding your powers of creation.

* Maybe you’ve outgrown what you’ve been doing, and you’re looking at what’s next.

You are tired of being the lone wolf who’s ahead of your pack, and you’ve yearning for peers of talent and experience who understand you, support you, contribute to you, who raise the bar for what’s possible…

You don’t need a guru, a shiny object, or information overwhelm.

You definitely don’t need a group of newbies that don’t understand you or play at your level!

You’re here to transcend the usual, not squeeze into it.

We know from experience that up-leveling is often a messy process of dissolution and chaos as we leave the old and familiar behind. Your next level of ascension requires support!

Our “Rich Witches Brew” for Success:

1) Private Coaching with Morgana

2) Money Love Labs 2 times a month to drop in for what you need

3) Rich Witch Retreats: 1 in-person, on-location retreat (also accessible virtually) every 6 months.

4) Private, online micro-community to witness and support your progress and evolution

5) You are seen. You are loved. That’s why you’re here.

“The Coven” is invitation-only, but you can put in a request for consideration.

The Coven




Acceptance into a private program requires an Application and Interview. I’m committed to a 100% success rate, so I choose my clients carefully.

My coaching style is rapid and high-impact. Clients typically notice a radical shift IMMEDIATELY.

Private Coaching is a serious investment. It may be more than you’ve ever invested in yourself before. It’s only offered to candidates who are READY for the biggest breakthrough of their life.

I may receive hundreds of coaching applications in a given month. I review each application carefully before deciding to schedule an interview.

Here are my programs below. I discuss the specifics (time frame, investment) of Mentorship and Mastery Path programs ONLY at the end of an interview, when I have a good idea of what you need, what it would take to get there, and if working together makes sense.


Abundance Day

An intensive with me, one-on-one with you. First we slay your Money Monster, then we install your Money Honey, then we design your Money Magnetic Plan for the coming year.

Take a look here: Abundance Day!


Big Money, Magic, and Mentorship

Who’s this for? You’re in business, and you’re hitting too low a ceiling in the life you envision for yourself for what you have to offer. You want to multiply your current take-home income with integrity, and simultaneously enjoy your life much, much more.

Take a look here: Mentorship Path!


Bigger Money, Magic, and Whole-Life Mastery

Who is it for? World-changing high achievers, visionaries, iconoclasts. These clients often tell me they feel like “space aliens” because their friends, family and peers don’t understand what they’re doing and why. Romance can be stalled. You don’t fit convenient molds. You’re playing a new game with rules that are still being invented. Mastery level breakthroughs are typically the biggest, boldest, and most rewarding. And often the fastest. Because mastery and magic become indistinguishable.

You’re already making 7-figures (or high 6). Maybe you have money drama, maybe the drama has shifted to another area of life. You’re at that place in life where you want to invest your full focus on quality Love, Lifestyle, and Legacy.

Take a look here: Mastery Path!


If you wish to apply to be a client, I’m excited to hear from you.


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