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Your Wealth is in Your Weirdness

Morgana Rae When I first became a life coach I was really concerned about being taken seriously, sounding professional, and not looking like a freak. Not much has changed: I still care about all that stuff.

But I discovered over time that the more professional and non-freaky I try to sound, the more INVISIBLE I become. The minute I start to talk like a professional coach and go into one of those elevator speeches I spent so much money to learn (you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you?)… I can see the other person’s EYES GLAZE OVER before they start scanning the room for someone more interesting.

I can’t begin to tell you how annoying that is.

Then one day, years ago, I stood up at a large networking meeting of high powered female entrepreneurs, pulled out a magic wand and called myself a “witchy” coach, and said something about how “goddesses can be old or young, thin or fat, can do what they want, charge what they want (and Aphrodite sleeps with whomever she wants, and no one dares criticize HER!), and they don’t apologize.” I said, “That’s what I want to see for ALL women!”

You could hear a pin drop.

Then every woman in that room asked me for my business card. Interesting, huh?

I hope by now that we’ve established that it’s not enough to be the greatest coach/consultant/healer/artist/virtual assistant/chef/trainer/teacher/shaman/author. You also have to be known by the people who need you, and the only way they’re going to see you is if you (in the words of Jimi Hendrix) “let your freak flag fly.”

I’m not saying go out there and get yourself lynched (common sense, of course), but as your Money Honey will always tell you, nothing is more attractive than being authentically you.Your authenticity creates permission for others to be authentic as well, and they’ll thank you for it.

I was thinking about the Sermon on the Mount, and the statement “The meek shall inherit the earth.” The transcribers got it all wrong. They should have said the GEEKS shall inherit the earth. Because we’re ALL geeks, and we root for our own.

Your wealth is in your weirdness. That’s what connects you to us. All those things you find embarrassing, or even painful, are the key to your contribution in this life. It’s ALCHEMY, baby!

Book Store Warrior Geeks(Aren’t these guys great? I shot this while standing in line, waiting for the release of Harry Potter 7)








  1. Nicola Grace says:

    Fantastic article. I love “let your freak flag fly.” I think you’re bang on with needing to be authentically us to attract our ideal clients. If we hold anything of ourselves back, because of a fear of lack of social acceptance, it can back fire. Thanks for inspiring us all to be true to ourselves. You’ve actually answered a rhetorical question I have been pondering for several months.

  2. Michael Rice says:

    Still think its a good idea to do a hypnosis or guided imagery audio to introduce people to their money honey and money monster and i’d like to do this for you. Michael Rice @ Trance-sitions, on fb. Blessings and Ya Fattah!

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Michael. Thank you for the invitation. I’m actually a certified master hypnotist myself. There’s definitely a huge value in hypnosis (my limiting belief obliterator has highly hypnotic). For my Financial Alchemy process, I prefer to have clients take an ACTIVE approach to finding their Money Monster and Money Honey. That said, I slip in a ton of hypnotic suggestions and commands whenever I coach clients, and I slip them into my recorded programs, too, to make the transformation easier. (I’m sneaky that way!)

  3. Devi says:

    Hi Morgana,
    Totally love this article! Really, really love it. It is in tune with everything I believe in, and have been working on recently.

    In fact, did you know there is a NY bestseller called ‘The Gooks Shall Inherit the Earth’, by Alexandra Robbins? It is about how the high school kids who are not popular and who don’t try to be are the ones who are strong enough to have their own views and ultimately go on to create some of the most amazing things (art, businesses, etc) in the world.

    Also, there is a book showing how the self-made billionaires in the world are all people who could be described as outsiders. Why would you bother to change the world if your were normal and everything already suited you?

    There is a wonderful poem called Warning! The first line is: When I am old I will wear purple…, and it ends with the writer suggesting that she better do some practising now so she doesn’t shock people too much by starting when she is old.

    The world is full of wonderful, creative, expressive, inspiring freaks. Let’s not hide it!
    Devi x

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