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What I learned at my Thought Leader Mastermind in San Diego

Thought Leader Mastermind

I just got back from the 3 day mastermind in San Diego. It’s a group of established, mostly 7-figure thought leaders in the coaching (business, personal, spiritual) who get together once a year to get real. Back in the day we were a little group of 15 to 20. Now we’re closing in on 50 members! (Can you find me in this photo? Hint: front row, almost center.)

I actually wanted to stay home this year (I’m in writing mode and not feeling social), but I’d already paid for my $10,000 mastermind seat… and I’m so glad I attended.


Why leaving home is important.

Leaving home automatically opens up our ability to see things differently, to look at the big picture, and to tune in intuitively to what wants to happen next.

It’s easier to do this within a group of like minded individuals who are on their own path. The collective support and intention and experiences stir my own creativity and sense of possibility. Being with the right group matters. They may be going through stuff, having challenges, learning what doesn’t work… but when we all come from a place of common values and intention, possibility opens up. (I’m definitely dreaming in to what I want to create next, in terms of coach training and a Rich Witches™ Magical Sisterhood.)


Zig When Others Zag

This year I was asked to speak on the event’s panel about getting “high ticket” ($50,000 or more) clients.

Thought Leader Mastermind Panel

I was surprised that I was asked, because while I’ve been enrolling clients at that price point since 2012, my business model looks very different from the rest of the group. (I was thinking “one of things is not like the others” from my Sesame Street days.)

I’ve been sitting out the big, expensive, high-stress launches and just plugging along, doing what I love to do — lead my micro-retreats, coach a few (high ticket) clients, teach and create content. The other people on the panel have much more complicated businesses with sub-coaches, sales teams, and launch calendars.

I wasn’t sure how I’d be received, seeing as my model is simpler and less flashy, and I was really heartened by all the women in the mastermind who came to me after the panel to tell me they were inspired by what I shared. 🙂

I chose to go a different direction: I work with fewer people and give them more. I charge enough that I don’t feel the need to hold anything back. Less stress for me, more freedom to travel and marry my husband 100 times, and far higher success rates and bigger results for the few clients I accept.

It turns out that zigging while every body else is zagging has protected me from some of the more painful market fluctuations hitting the coaching industry in recent years. Tactics that used to work like magic in online business only 5 years ago are on life support today. My focus on relationship and results still works. Responsiveness and adaptability are key.


Here are some of the big trends and challenges to be watching and responding to in coaching and other businesses:

  • Personalization: people are less responsive to one-size-fits-all solutions. (Yay!)
  • Customers are demanding more than they used to. They have higher expectations. (Yay!)
  • Distrust in authority: we’re more skeptical of our leaders. Reputation at the ground level becomes more and more important–testimonials and referrals.
  • We’re grass-roots generating our own movements and solutions in life and on the web.
  • Spirituality is out of the closet. Go ahead and let your faerie freak flag fly.
  • Aging: we’re getting older. Health and wellness concerns are super hot.
  • Consumption platforms are moving away from computers and websites to mobile devices and social media. (That’s been going on for a while. It cannot be ignored.)
  • Audiences have shorter attention spans, more difficulty focusing. (Whether that’s from aging or from a change in information consumption platforms is anybody’s guess. Probably both.)
  • Digital currency is going to be mainstream.
  • Pay attention to Climate Change.

The Biggest Trend:

I’ve been saying for years: the Information Age is over. Information is free all over the web. It’s not what we value. We’ve entered the Transformation Age. People value–and pay for–results.


Let’s add to the list! What are some trends–in business or the world at large–that you’ve noticed?






















  1. Michelle says:

    I don’t know about trends but I know that “canned scripts” turn me off instantly. As do “upselling” pages. I have recently NOT purchased something that I was really excited by because I was made to go through “upselling pages” to complete the transaction. In my opinion, sell me the product I’m interested in…then a week or more later, you can send me an email about anything else you may offer…but the “upselling” is annoying, insulting, and needs to stop.
    The other thing that really annoys me is excessively log description pages for products. If you can’t tell me about it in two paragraphs, you’ve lost me.
    Since most of the things that interest me are “spiritual” products, and since I’m what you call an intuitive…if I’m interested in a product or program it’s because I’m “Resonating” with it or I got an “intuitive hit” that this would be a good fit for me…so the long sales pitch that makes me scroll, and scroll and scroll down the page is unnecessary and annoying. I think it comes down to what kind of customer or client are you looking for…someone who just “knows” you and your work is right for them…or someone you have to convince (which is a mind choice rather than a heart choice anyway)?
    I also get really annoyed with “click bait”…if someone wants me to see an article or something, send me directly to it…don’t send me to an interim page where I have to click again to get to the article, file, product etc. I get that it’s partly about tracking, but can’t there be tracking without the added hassle for the reader (customer). Okay, Morgana, there is my 12 1/2 cents worth.

    P.S. THANK YOU, for all that you do, all the free content you are always gifting us with and the support for even those of us who can’t (at this moment) participate in your delicious offerings. One Day…it IS a goal of mine…One Day…I will get to play at one of your gatherings!

    1. Morgana says:

      GREAT feedback! I couldn’t agree with you more. Interestingly enough, a friend of mine at the summit is having a lot of success with the up-selling pages and long sales letters (I wonder if it’s the same person). Perhaps we sensitive-intuitive types have less tolerance for those strategies.

      Thank you for your comments!

  2. Holli says:

    I agree with what Michelle was saying – the click bait “bread crumb trail” to get to what a website promises you is a huge turn off. I find that a lot of people do have shorter attention spans, so we need to get to the point in an enticing package quickly.

    I’ve noticed that a big trend is focusing on Mindset. It goes beyond just reading/watching “The Secret” and hoping the Law of Attraction works for you. I’m glad to see this because it also means that humanity’s consciousness is changing. I’m an Animal Communication Counselor, so when I see things like that begin to shift for the better – my soul dances. 🙂

    I’m curious who the gentleman is sitting next to you in the photo? I couldn’t help but notice his dog. 🙂

    Thank you Morgana, for all that you do. I LOVE your podcast!

  3. Morgana says:

    Hi Holli. I’m sitting next to my dear friend and mentor Alex Mandossian. Sweetest man with a wealth of experience.

    About mindset… I find “heartset” to be more powerful. Nothing changes until we align our hearts. <3

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