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How do I get traffic to my website with social media?

web traffic

web traffic

Want more website traffic? Baffled by Social Media?

It’s EASY. Here’s what to do:

  • Link back to your site when you post comments on well trafficked blogs, twitter, facebook.
  • Put your website on your YouTube videos. (Facebook and YouTube are MUSTS for web traffic.
  • Include your “gravitar” (got to with your posts. (Your photo posts automatically when you enter your email address.)
  • “Anchor” your keywords everywhere: that means hyperlink your most important keywords back to your site when you post around the web.
  • Circulate articles. Create your own blog. Create a group page and a fan page on Facebook. (I’ve gotten so much business and international exposure from being on Facebook that it blows my mind.)
  • Be a friend, not a salesperson, when you connect with people on social networking sites. Post amusing tweets. Don’t spam your friends. Don’t be pushy or icky.
  • Ping your tweets: they’ll show up on LinkedIn and other places Twitter doesn’t go… yet.
  • Get a wordpress blog, hook it up to social media, and add new content all the time.
  • Have social networking and “forward to a friend” links on your newsletters.

And that’s how I get traffic. That, and getting a lot of radio and press.

Once you get traffic to your site, bribe your visitors to take action (sign up for something) with a gift. Website visits that lead to no action are a waste of bandwidth.

  1. This is an excellent post 🙂 You covered all the bases I have noticed Tagging is producing more search do you use Zemanta ? It easy and a plugin that does all the work for you with one or two clicks.
    Glad I stopped by that little video on the sidebar is totally cool 🙂

  2. Sarah Novak says:

    Fantastic article Morgana – exactly what I’ve come to expect from you…. succinct, content-rich and action-oriented! Keep it coming…

  3. I think you meant to refer to — “gravitar” was a 1982 Atari classic video arcade game. 😉

  4. Sue Vittner says:

    Great article about getting more website traffic with social media, Morgana!

    It is so true that blogging surpases websites because people love the “realness” and communications of blogs.

    For all of you out there afraid of this, it’s actually not that hard and sort of fun! I highly recommend getting to to create your piece of online sharing.

    Thanks for all you do Morgana,
    Sue Vittner

  5. Thank you Morgana for the tips!
    Blogging has been a favorite of mine when adding new content… readers look forward to it. Keep it up!

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...