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The Real Secret to Enrolling High Ticket Clients

Over the years I spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to sell high ticket programs. Because the act of selling made me uncomfortable, and I thought the solution was learning HOW to do it better.

I could easily teach the 6 thousand, 8 thousand, and 12 thousand dollar classes I took. All the tricks and limiters and manipulations.

But in the end I couldn’t use any of it. The words I learned felt fake coming out of my mouth. The few times I tried the pressure tricks I crashed and burned, cause it wasn’t me. Now I just don’t do it. Intentionally.

And I’ve made a fortune with my sloppy-sincere, give-away-the-store enrollment style anyway.

Let me tell you what works, and what works better than all the sales techniques in the world:

  1. Feeling GOOD about the value you provide. If you feel generous, people feel you louder than anything you say.
  2. Focus on the NEED of your person. What is their problem? How much does that problem cost them in health, happiness, love, wealth? Are you the best bet for them? And no, you won’t be the best bet for everybody, and you don’t have to be. If they don’t need or want what you do, release them with love. But if they’re the right match, tune in to SERVICE. Service removes fear.
  3. BELIEVE in your prospective client/customer. Hold them as a grown up, capable of making their own decisions. It is NOT YOUR JOB nor your business to decide what someone can “afford” or not. You have no idea what they’re capable of making happen. And if you don’t believe they are capable, then maybe this isn’t the best match, and release them with love. Not judgment. Love.

If I find myself falling into the energy of selling or proving (cause I’m human and that happens), I back off. I stop. I turn my attention back to curiosity about the other person. Could this be a sign that maybe we’re not a great match? Or are we? What does this person want from me? I want to find out from THEM. Either way.

And if we finally get to that place where it’s just obvious this is a dream match and it makes sense, I issue an invitation. Sometimes I offer a choice of options. And then I shut up and let them make a choice.

People get to say yes or no. If they can’t say no, they can’t issue a true yes. Maybe I could get more people to say yes if I applied more pressure and manipulation (Lord knows that stuff works on me!), but I don’t want the headache of an unhappy client who said yes under duress instead of enthusiasm.

And a happy yes feels GOOD. Because clients really do invest in high ticket programs (thousands of dollars, tens of thousands, more) because THEY WANT TO… without any arm-twisting, pressure, or manipulation. No matter what any sales coach will tell you.

But let me back up a little. The feeling comes first.

When I feel good, sales happen. When I don’t feel good, it doesn’t matter how many tricks I learned. I really could have saved myself tens of thousands in classes and coaches if I had just figured that out first. But apparently I needed to take the scenic route…

Obviously what changed every thing for me was uncovering and transforming my own relationship with money from a monster to a honey. (If you don’t know that story or want a refresher on the process, go HERE for one of my favorite audio classes that walk you through my process. No charge. No opt in necessary. (You’re already here, aren’t you?)

Again, cause I think this needs to be repeated:

  • Your feelings (of confidence, service, generosity) speak louder than anything you say. And you cannot fake that.
  • The more willing you are to allow people to say no, the more willing they are to say yes.

One final thing: never make promises you cannot keep. Don’t make high ticket offers that you cannot back with value. Pricing should NOT come from a place of ego or competition (and believe me I know how tempting that can be when I see what my peers are charging). Pricing MUST come from a place of fairness and honoring the value of the transformation itself. This will be good for you, for your clients, and for the planet. It will also make your business EASIER, because integrity reduces friction. Another benefit: when you enroll clients with love instead of pressure, they stay in your life forever…

I want you to prosper and be loved and valued, I want your path to feel good and I want your success to stick!

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