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Are you struggling with your Niche?


nicheIf you’ve been in business for more than five minutes… or you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, you’ve probaby heard you should have a “niche.”

(A niche is an identifiable specialty– an area of expertise for a specific group of people.)

“Helping people get what they want”  doesn’t count as a niche. The 16 year old cashier at McDonald’s does that.

And if you’re a coach, healer, teacher, artist, product seller or service professional who doesn’t know your niche, there’s a very good reason… Choosing a niche sucks!!!!

Anyone who tells you that choosing a niche is easy is either

  1. Lying
  2. On crack, or
  3. Has no idea what it’s like to be you.

You might as well ask me, “which arms and legs would you like us to cut off?” as to ask me what my niche is.


A niche is not who you are or all you do. That’s what makes it hard to choose.

And here’s the MILLION DOLLAR SECRET to take the pain away:

Your niche is the VEHICLE that brings your people to you.

That’s all it is. Once your people find you, you can be EVERYTHING you are, and give them EVERYTHING you have to give them.

I have this conversation on a daily basis.

With clients.

With friends.

With myself.

We human beings buy what we WANT, not what we need.

So take a look at what YOU have that your people WANT. That’s where you’ll find your niche.

It’s often so obvious you’ll never see it.

For instance, I have this friend who has this amazing talent for making men fall in love with her. Effortlessly. Unintentionally.  All the time. You think there might be a market for that skill? And yet for the last six months she’s been tearing her hair out trying to come up with a coaching niche. Are you kidding me?

(I’m curious to see if she takes my advice, and creates a program to teach women what she knows about being irresistible to love. I’ll keep you posted.)

The best way to attract your ideal client, so you can have a deep relationship and give them the big picture transformation you want to provide… is to understand and OFFER THEM ONLY ONE THING THEY WANT, FIRST.

Your niche is only the portal.

Take my “money” niche, for example.  I don’t give financial advice. I won’t tell you where to invest. I won’t crunch your numbers. I’m famously sloppy at arithmetic. Money isn’t nearly as interesting to me as love, happiness, and healing.

And yet I’m one of the most well known, well-respected, and successful wealth coaches in the world. New success stories come in every day.

Which begs the question, “how did I get here?”

I listen to what my people want from me.

How it began: when I wrote my first article about Financial Alchemy, the response was so overwhelming–like a tsunami, really–that I knew my niche had chosen me.  I remember thinking, “Hmmm! I guess this is what the universe wants from me.” And I’ve been very, very fortunate that my client results have validated my accidental niche.

And that begs the question…

WHAT NICHE IS CHOOSING YOU? Are you listening?

Paying attention to what’s choosing you… that’s what’s going to make your niche EASY. And I like easy.

And you still get to be all of who you are. You just don’t name it in your niche. Your niche is just the beginning of the journey.

Most of my people think they want money. And that’s groovy.

But money is just frosting. IMPORTANT frosting. They get to have the frosting.

Underneath the frosting is the BIG CAKE. The cake is everything they ever wanted– love, health, happiness, purpose.

Get it?

We’re ALL in the cake business, deep down… but our people buy our cakes based on the frosting.

Your niche is your frosting.  Make it sweet.

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...