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Spirituality and Business: how can you charge money for spiritual gifts?

Psssst! Can I tell you a secret?

Healing people is easy for me. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. They (the grown ups) were calling me an old soul when I was five.

That’s ridiculous. Souls are eternal. They’re ALL old.

I was the twelve year-old reconnecting adults to their truth, their value, and their opportunities. (“Gee, Morgana. That sounds sort of like what you do now…”)

And as I got older and started to coach people, I became a lucky charm. It’s easy. Some people have perfect pitch. (I don’t!) I have magic.

My friend Aime says that every time she and I talk on the phone, her husband makes an online sale.

And it’s COMPULSIVE! I call it a case of OCD: Obsessive Coaching Disorder. I can’t help myself from butting in and wanting to fix things whenever I see someone in pain, stuggling, or stuck. I just can’t stand it! Especially when I know how easy it is for me to fix.

So what does this have to do with money?

A lot of people in the “conscious business” world are talking about how we need to be more generous, give more value. I totally agree.

It’s just that’s not my issue. That’s not my edge…Wanna hear my REAL EDGE? Charging money!

That’s right. Helping people is easy. Asking for payment has always been the most uncomfortable part of my business.

And that’s why I was struggling to make $100 a month in 2002 until I reached a turning point…

I made a decision that Money was my next area of Spiritual Growth. I could not serve the world until I became a grown up and could take care of myself.

And that meant charging for things that come naturally to me.

And charging people who are in pain. That’s the toughest.

To this day, stating my fee and sticking to it is a spiritual practice.  And to make it easier, I imagine money as a really cute guy worthy of my love. Because rejecting him is NOT loving, and I’m all about love.

So take a moment and chew on this, especially all you light workers and healers and artists and coaches who are already so good at what you do, and you’re not making enough money doing it…

  1. Is money your next area of spiritual growth?
  2. What does that look like for you?
  3. How might NOT charging be a cop out?
  4. How would your prosperity serve the world?

P.S. I would REALLY like to read your comments on this one!







  1. Allegria says:

    Love it! We just opened our new business in August and loving what we are doing, but want much more. Looks like this is it.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Awesome, Allegria! The world is hungry for spiritual entrepreneurship.

  2. Cindie says:

    As coaches and healers we MUST model this practice for our students and clients. Many of them are stuck in difficult situations because they too have trouble charging enough. When we give our services away or undercharge we are modeling for them the way to live in lack and poverty consciousness…it masquerades as generosity, but true generosity is giving them the absolute best possible VALUE we can and treating them like grownups who can afford us. In doing this we validate our own worth as well, and we help them write a story that says they CAN afford us.

    1. Sam says:

      Bravo, my thoughts exactly.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Finances NEED to BE my next area of Spiritual Growth. I have still not been able to turn my money monster into my money honey. I have no problems charging what I am worth…but my issues with money, about money and around money are essentially stopping me from making the kind of money I know I should be.

    I am going to buy your 12 month workbook right now. This post was exactly what I needed to hear.


  4. Michelle says:

    Hi Morgana, I heard your wonderful presentation last weekend at the Big Shift Experience. Your presentation really resonated with me!!! This past week, I’ve been digging deep and uncovering all my feelings around money. Every day, I discover something new. Whatever I discover about the Money Monster gets flushed down the toilet. Its been such a release for me 🙂 Also, I finally understand that charging for my services is an act of respecting myself. This week, I took a big leap and put together my first retainer package for a new client.

    Thank you for helping me find the courage to face my money fears!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Bravo Michelle! That’s huge. I look forward to “seeing” you on our call next Monday the 11th.

  5. TJ says:

    Since 2010 I finally took the plunge to do the Healing work I love. I feel I am now happy with the price I ask and the value I offer to my clients. I see my role as facilitating them into their own empowerment and greatness. And I am good at it. Like you, I found myself “coaching” people all the time – just because that is who I am – until I realised why the money was not coming in, despite my asking for it. I was sharing my gift and not ask for payment. At the moment I am in that niggly place to see how things go. Have set up my website to offer more sessions online and advertising. I am in a new area and so getting my name out there. My problem now is that I do not yet have enough clients to cover my living expenses. I have realised though, since listening to your call, to ask my Money Honey to show me all the ways in which I can lead clients to my door ……. and I know he is helping me. Such a Honey!! 🙂 Love your refreshing openness in how you express your gift and the value it has. Much gratitude.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      You’re welcome TJ. Thank you for posting. Keep tuning into those feelings of love, romance, and appreciation!

  6. Good timing on this post. This is exactly where I’m stuck. I just graduated from high school and am about to go into my ultimate career choice of fashion design and construction, like I’ve been wanting to since I was 8. I’ve always loved how clothing could change someones mood and attitude about themselves. But I’ve always been equally interested in writing, because its comes easy for me and I love writing stories and things about mythology…especially the goddesses! Their stories could help a lot of people out. If I could get paid for doing things like that, it would be equally as fabulous as being in the fashion industry. I don’t know which to choose. I am still young and have time..but I would love your opinion on this. Thanks!

  7. victoria says:

    What a wonderful teacher and inspiration you are! I’ve just begun to explore your methods of having a Money Honey, a really brillant approach. Your following seems to get it….
    I hope to turn my own life around and frankly I said to my friends, “I’d cast a spell if neccesary.” Frankly you’re my first spell. I love the Idea of being a Goddess!! You were the angel with the info I needed. I’m eager to read and hear more.
    I got one of those just over broke jobs to play it safe cause of my age and probably fear too because I was afraid to charge even close to my value in readings and then the charging people in pain thing.
    A broken left wrist stopped me from going back to a just over broke job. I was a Psychic for many years and worked for the major networks and made very little. I’m going back out there in a different way because of the clarity I received from you.
    Thank you with all my heart!

  8. As soon as I read it, I wrote your quote down:

    “I made a decision that Money was my next area of Spiritual Growth. I could not serve the world until I became a grown up and could take care of myself.”

    You read my mind Morgana. Thanks, I’m making this decision today!!!!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      That’s awesome, Kim!

  9. andy says:

    Spirituality and Corporeality although inter-included as cause and consequence are two polarities we need to constantly work with in our path. I personally try not to get confused between the two. If I have a corporeal problem I try an solve it with corporeal means (for example health-doctor). On the same lines, money problems I try to solve by finding a job. What I received spiritually was free and I do my best not to make a profit out of it. Just my two cents. If you do charge, I think is best to use a sliding scale, and make it a suggested donation, not a requirement.

  10. Anya Anayo says:

    I want make this money & peoples & my family & myself

  11. neeresh says:

    Hi how do I receive you newsletters. Thanks

  12. Hozen Solomon says:

    I’m from Ghana i need spiritual money

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Hozen. I’ll be teaching an intro to my process on line this Tuesday, December 9, at 4pm pacific time for “Healing with the Masters.”

      Register here for the (free) on line class at

  13. noah senyo says:

    I am abusinessmam a.nd want expansion.

  14. noah senyo says:

    I will abide by

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