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Sick of Self Promotion?

media magnet

media magnet

Here’s the specific email that came in:

“I want my work/service to be a Money Magnet for me through it’s impact in transforming lives but I do not choose to promote myself or to be identified only with my work/service offering.”

Can you relate? It’s so much easier to promote other people than ourselves, and we want to be recognized as more than just our job.

I’m going to give you the solution sweet and sour.

First the sour: If you really do have an impact on people and you transform their lives, I believe you have an ETHICAL DUTY to let the world know! You may choose to withhold your gift and hide under a rock, but honey you will suffer for it in the end.

Stop thinking about yourself. Think about helping other people. It’s about caring more about the pain of others than your fear of of being judged or rejected.

And as soon as you get that, we get to the sweet:
If promotion hurts, you’re doing it wrong. Pain is overrated, and it’s a good signal that there’s a better, easier way to get what you want.

Nice, huh?

1) First get clear on what you’re “promoting.”

You don’t  have to promote yourself. And forget all those classes and elevator speeches and networking meetings. It all feels so desperate. Unless you like networking meetings and the food is good.

Take a moment, take a breath, and be that human being you really are. What do you know about the human condition? What do you know about pain and redemption? What do you BELIEVE?

THIS is what you promote. And you ONLY do it in the ways that are easiest, truest, and most fun for you.

2) Do what’s fun.

If my business depended on cold calls and networking meetings, I’d be broke. Even coffee meetings–which work great for my friend Heather–deplete my energy without bringing me clients.

I feel like I HAVE to prove myself in those situations. Ick ick ick. It’s not fun for me, so it doesn’t work!

Do the thing you like to do best. Delegate or scrap the rest. If it feels like work to you, it probably feels like work to the person on the other side of the table.

Radio interviews, teleclasses, blogging, facebook, and this newsletter are just EASIER for me. This is an introvert’s dream job! No heels, no mascara, and I don’t have to prove anything in 30 seconds.

We are the LUCKIEST people in business history in regards to attracting our ideal clients in unlimited abundance: the internet is free! And it’s efficient. You reach hundreds, thousands, and millions of people, and you all the time in the world to BUILD RELATIONSHIP. (See my next point.)

3) Build Relationship

Don’t focus on getting people to buy. If something feels like self-promotion, you’ve fallen out of rapport. Stop, back up, and rebuild relationship.


4) Go back to service.

I believe that financial stress is the #1 excuse for people not living their dreams, and that our relationship with money is the culprit. It just so happens that I can’t bear to see any one or any thing in pain. I have a method that seems to work, so I share it. And believe me, if you find something that works for you better, do it! It’s NOT about me or my thing at all. It’s about helping.

You say you want to magnetize money through the impact of your work and its ability to transform lives. If that’s the case, make your IMPACT BIGGER!Help more people. It’s as simple as that. Hiding helps no one.

We all want to hide. We’d all like our handsome Money Honeys to come in and rescue us and do all the magic for us. That’s NOT what I teach!

I teach that your Money Honey speaks to you for your highest good, and your prosperity serves the world. Your Money Honey demands your best.

5) Let people think what they will.

NOBODY knows the real you. We all have little pictures of the role we see you play in our life. Some people will identify you only with your work. We call them strangers. Other people will know you as more than your work. We call them friends, family, and anyone else you let in on a deeper level.

This is EXACTLY as it should be.

The bottom line is if you don’t like self promotion, take your self and the promotion out of it. Go back to your mission, your reason for being on earth at this moment in history.

Make your mission more important than hiding. Make it more important than being hired. Make it more important than what people think of you. Make it more important than being right.

Have as BIG and impact as you can.Listen to what the Universe and your “Money Honey” want from you. THAT’S when your work will be your money magnet.


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