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Reader Question: “How do I convince clients of the value of my services?”

Such a great reader question came in!

Here’s what she wrote: “How do I attach greater value to my services? I help small businesses succeed online, I’m good at what I do, and my intention is so pure, yet I have trouble convincing my clients of the value – even though my rates are low.”

See my response in today’s video:

  1. Jill Chivers says:

    Morgana, so enjoyed your video Q&A today. It IS all about them – the client, and not about you and what you’re offering. That difference seems so subtle, but like the “trim tabs” on a ship, which only need to be changed a few inches to create a huge difference in the course the ship takes, this shift in how you position, frame and interact with your clients can make all the difference in the world. Thanks for making it so clear!

    (and I only just heard about your kitty passing away. As an avid cat lover myself, my heart goes out to you. They are such a part of our lives, aren’t they?)

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Morgana,
    Thanks for the wonderful video post today. So sorry to hear about Roo, I have cats too and I know that Roo was part of your family. BTW, I can’t believe you’re turning 45 you look 10 years younger.

  3. Carmen says:

    Hi Morgana,

    Awesome video Morgana, thank you for sharing that great question and for providing us all with such valuable advice. Your message held such huge reminders for us all! Thanks.

  4. Renee says:

    Hi Morgana,

    Thanks for the great advice today. Love your videos!

    Just learned about your sweet Roo. Such a beautiful little friend. Sending you love and comfort 😉

    Blessings & Joy,

  5. The positive energy tells me that Roo was a lucky kitty and enjoyed life with you as much as you enjoyed life with Roo.
    We always miss our fury companions, but they remain in our hearts and sometimes even hang around in spirit to help us get through the loss of their physical.
    This video hit cords with me as when I am focused on helping my students and clients, money is the last thing that I think about. As you talk I remember that quote that you can’t be the guiding light for anyone if you cannot pay your light bill.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Lisa Tener says:

    Morgana, you always “get” where people are at–I love how you see where the reader was coming from and provide a context for shifting that. So many people come from wanting to help and be of service, but have trouble translating that into recognizing and articulating their own value.

  7. brenda says:

    thank you morgana, really enjoyed the video.. i especially liked the part about
    focusing on their dreams..
    so sorry to hear about your beautiful kitty roo… i am a cat person and they are
    such special companions and incredible healing beings.. i’m sure the love you
    and roo have is timeless and will be with you always.. sending you a big hug
    from me and healing kitty energy from my kitty “jane”…

  8. Zoe says:

    hi morgana this was my question and i appreciate your incredibly insightful response. it’s reassuring to know there are a few of us with similarly good intentions counter-balanced by subconscious ‘bad’ relationships with money and arguably, self.

    it was both confronting and enlightening to acknowledge that i was trying too hard. the lesson of the year for me is DETACHMENT (anyone else?!?) and i’m grateful to you for waking me up to this profound spiritual law in my professional life too.

    thank you for reminding me of the value of dreams (as opposed to services). the value of my clients’ dreams and THEIR commitment to it, is a beautiful filter for attracting those who will thrive creatively as a result of our engagement.

    i get it. i love it. thank you.

    love and light to you and roo (may she guide you always), zoe x

  9. Hello Morgana – this was a very timely question that I could relate to so well. as I have been self employed for over 20 years and yes I am good at what I do.. Have some great testiominals from clients. But still have had periods of feast andf famine . Which would really like to correct. Just been listening to your interview from the manifesting summit which was so uplifting and I could relate to everything you said… Law of attraction, EFT tapping, listening to sublimal mps going to sleep, etc. But now knowing that this problem I have is actually the money monster. Have ordered the special as step one. Would enjoy hearing from you.. I live in New Zealand

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