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Commitment Attracts Cash

I have found that whether my clients have the funds or not is the most irrelevant question when it comes to predicting who’s going to become my client. Often the people who could most easily afford me are not motivated enough.

Most of the people who hire me don’t have the funds. The transformation begins with *getting* the funds for investing in themselves. I did it when my bank account was zero. I’ve seen my clients do the impossible, over and over again.


Where does the money come from?

First tip:

I create programs of a FIXED DURATION–whether it’s 1 year of private mentoring or 6 days with me in Bali. This way clients know the exact investment going in. Having CLARITY around how much money needs to be raised makes it much, much easier to come up with what’s needed.

Here are the TOP 3 PLACES my clients find the money:

  1. Borrowing. Clients who would have never imagined asking for help have found people who loved and believed in them.  These clients made a decision that there was no way they weren’t moving forward. One client heard “no” from every family member and friend for weeks–it was devastating. But she kept going, and her angel showed up as the grandmother of a friend loaned her the money to participate in my Money Goddess retreat in Bali.  (This client is now an internationally recognized expert on overcoming Childhood Trauma.)
  2. Retirement funds. Especially if your funds aren’t what you’ll need for retirement, investing in yourself to increase your income (and retirement contribution) can make a lot of sense.
  3. Credit card balance transfer. This is my FAVORITE, and I’ve done it several times. I used to pay for $20,000 coaching programs when I did NOT have the cash… benefits: I can get frequent flyer miles on the initial transaction (tip: use a card that gives you a big mileage bonus), and then I’d transfer the card to a low or no interest balance transfer program, giving me more than enough time to pay off the amount in small increments (or one lump sum when I made the money back–which I ALWAYS did!)

More on Balance Transfers

Special Tip for helping your U.S. big ticket clients finance your program… 0% balance transfer credit card. Right now, while interest rates are so low (they’ll be going up soon), there are credit cards that charge 0% interest on balance transfers for 15 months, 18 months, 21 months, and even 24 months.

Here’s how it works: your client pays you the full amount on her current credit card. Then she transfers that balance to a low or no interest rate credit card that offers a long period to pay it off.

For example, $6,000.00 divided by 18 months is approximately $334.00 a month to pay off the balance. A 24 month card is only $250 a month with 2 years to pay off the balance, with no interest! Much easier than coming up with the full $6,000.00 upfront, and you get paid in full right away.


What about Getting New Clients?

You may have noticed I didn’t include that as a top way clients come up with the money, and here’s why…

I’m not against that. Not at all.

And in my experience, I almost always see clients book their first big ticket client AFTER they made the financial commitment to work with me. Because then the commitment is REAL, and they feel stretched and excited and expansive. All in. And that makes them very attractive to high end clients themselves.


Why Not Just Give a Discount?

Excellent question! And as someone with a deep need to help, this is something that I’ve grappled for a very long time.

When you say (in whatever words you choose), “Oh, poor you. I don’t think you’re capable of what all these other people did, so I’ll give you a discount,” what kind of a message are you sending?

Here’s what I’ve learned, in my 20 years as a coach: our clients are CAPABLE of far, far more than you give them credit for. My job is not to hold my clients small. I have seen that the very act of giving someone the opportunity to rise to a challenge is a gift. This is where we find out just how much a person believes in his or her potential.

Also the more a person has sacrificed to show up, the more you can be sure that person is going to use everything you give them and will make the changes necessary for success.



And because I believe transformation should be available to EVERYBODY, I recommend offering a ton of high quality, FREE self-study material (like the hundreds of articles and videos on this blog) for the people who are not ready to invest in your paid products and services. Everybody wins.


What Do You Think?

What has worked for YOU?  (Or hasn’t worked for you?)  Let’s hear it!

Please share your tips, questions, and experiences. Your input benefits ALL of us.

Post your thoughts below.

And if you think this article could be helpful to a friend, please pass it on!




  1. sam says:

    My situation also but I think I would come up with money if I would believe I could do it.That this would work for me.I need courage to face my TRUST issues but I am 100% sure I will do this in the future. Thank you Morgana,you rock and give me hope for better future

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