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“How do I find a good, very rich, local entrepreneur mentor that would be willing to guide me and donate their time to help me?”

Here’s the full question:  “How do I find a good, very rich, local entrepreneur mentor that would be willing to guide me and donate their time to help me if I commit to doing what they tell me and take them out to any restaurant they choose each time we meet? “

I found this question on one of my social networking sites, and I thought my response could be useful here, too.

I’ve coached many, many clients on this topic. Here’s my response:

“You’re going about this backwards. These entrepreneurs are being hit up right and left, and they need to protect themselves from so many people wanting something from them. You’re thinking of what you need, not what they need, and they can smell it.

If you want to proceed to get a mentor, you must be very respectful of their time and resources. Resources include time, effort, money and contacts.

Create a mentorship structure. What has worked very well for me and my clients:

Ask for three separate 20 minute conversations at their convenience, in person or over the phone, and nothing more. Generally speaking, people love to talk about themselves and share their expertise, so keep your questions to those topics. Do not ask for their contacts or money or more of their time. If they want to contribute beyond your agreement, they will. If they want to continue the relationship, they will. Don’t ask.

When the third conversation is over, thank them and ask if there’s any way you can help them. Leave the ball in their court. Make them feel good that they trusted you with their time.

And for goodness’s sake: when you ask for someone to be your mentor, allow them to say no!”

Best wishes,

P.S. With my billionaire mentor, we agreed on one fifteen minute meeting. He ended up taking me to his business and introducing me to everyone there, and giving me priceless advice all day.

PP.S I learned this from my first coach Heidi Wall.

  1. This is fantastic, doable advice! Thank you Morgana.

  2. Pete says:

    You are absolutely right Morgana, when approaching a possible mentor, they themselves and their time needs to be respected, and not go at it from a perspective of what can I get from this person, but rather this person can trust me, and I can prove it with a sincere heart. Great content Morgana, you out did yourself again.

  3. Scott says:

    What incentive did you give them to share an hour of time & energy with you? In other words, what might be the most fulfilling thing a person with gifts and guts might offer someone who appears to “have it all” in the way of position, connections, success?
    Thank you Morgana!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Great question Scott!

      Always remember your mentor is listening to station WIFM: “what’s in it for me?” Maybe you were referred by a friend he values. You may discover you have just the contact or connection your mentor is looking for. I believe the greatest incentive you can offer is legacy. What are you doing that is important, inspiring, and worth investing in? How are *you* paying it forward in a way that would excite interest? What is it about you and your business that’s special, unique, exciting, and benefit driven?

      Of course you need to be able to answer these questions anyway, or you don’t have a business. And once you have those answers, it’s like the whole world opens up and seeks you out. (That’s why I love business coaching. Everything gets so easy, so fast, when you finally understand what you’re *really* selling, and it’s probably not what you expected.) If you can demonstrate that you’re changing the world in a bigger, better, more clever, more innovative, or more amusing way than the next guy, people are going to want to check you out.

  4. Lorrayn says:

    Have done a lot of work in this area and set up many free self-help groups to help people get out of debt for my own growth.
    It worked as 25 years ago I was pregnant from being raped, homeless, in debt and desperate. I now run a successful business and all the things I did worked.

    Such an important message to put out at this time in the world.
    I did it and so can everyone.

    Best wishes

  5. I really appreciate what you said about respecting people’s time. I think of mentoring relationships as something that happens naturally and spontaneously out of sincere interest and respect, not out of a “what can I get” energy. This perspective was really brought home when I became a coach. At first, I felt flattered by all the requests for my advice about people’s lives. Over time, though, I started to notice that I was feeling resentment about people who would ask for everything for free and did not give anything back, and I also noticed that it wasn’t helping the recipients either. Because they weren’t making a real commitment to their own growth, the advice I was giving wasn’t being applied in a committed way (it was a waste of my time and theirs, for the most part!). This led me to create much more solid standards about who I would and wouldn’t help, and now — unless I get very clear divine guidance otherwise — I insist on people contributing something for what I give them. When they contribute to me, they get more out of what I give them. It’s a simple matter of mutual investment.

  6. Brinda says:

    Thank you, Morgana and Erika for your time, expertise and valuable responses!

    Does this question hit back home, where it still hurts even after the Summer Vacation, in the age-old land of Britanny…, the Mystic Land of Rejuvenation and Feminine Power!!!

    During the whole month of June, I was asked quite number of times for free consultations, which I had voluntarily and happily gave away and yet, no solid appointments for the fall, but was asked for still more free advice during the holidays.

    I feel annoyance, resentment and left with a sense that I have been robbed of my power and self-respect…and Erika, I am taking note of your own experience and act of faith in your own Power to Be and the Divine will provide, so to speak. I am looking in my ways of communicating and want to change my patterns from within and be comfortable with the idea of not giving when I do not want to!!!

    Morgana, I guess the money monster is peaking its head around here…right???

    Gratitude to you both and wishes for bounty!


    1. Morgana Rae says:

      You’re welcome Brinda.

      As I posted in my new Money Goddess video, giving value and helping others tends to be really easy and come naturally for most of us heart-centered female entrepreneurs. Getting paid is our edge… Money is a great spiritual teacher because he challenges us to take care of ourselves, set boundaries, and value ourselves more.


    2. Morgana Rae says:

      Brinda, I hope you’re registered for next week’s How To Be a Money Goddess call. (September 15 at 1pm.)

      All that stuff about saying no, setting boundaries, and being appreciated and compensated for your gifts… Money Goddess stuff!

      Aphrodite doesn’t it give it away for free, Baby! Register at


  7. Alexander says:

    haha ! I had to enjoy reading this – as it is one of the most complicating aspects of the personal life – or has been, leading to the kinds of tendencies – that have expounded upon and deeply informed my sensitivity – at least for some time – to abandon and wholly renounce the ” entrepreneurial life ” . For me, personally, as an entrepreneur, such renunciation is alas, in this life setting, not optimal for my purposes, as i understand them. Having chosen to walk ” the middle way ” – in the Light, and possessing the intrinsic nature of altruism, i’ve ” attracted ” with tenacity those that consume – as there is something rather bizarre in human nature – that seeks to perpetually exploit others-the only remedy for which ( assuming the defendant is not himself partaken in that nature and is of pure spirit ) – is not only to say ” No ” externally – but to , as restructure one’s Life internally so as to mediate ” Heaven and Earth ” so to speak – and not attempting to live the life of a Saint, when one is in a domicile contract and is treading the way of a householder . Having – with great personal difficulty from the subjective point of view – as a former and immanent Entrepreneur – i have apprehended merely that self reliance is something that is essential. Self Reliance extends outwards in the form of Concretization – that does not sway in the river of life and maintains a Conscious Internal Notion of negation and affirmation ( the latter is better ) towards what one wants in one’s life . In returning to the scene of Enterprise, i am preparing myself to Preempt – by simply Not Allowing in Advance Intentionally – those that are Unworthy of a relationship. This itself should never be allowed to become a judgment – but a preparatory evaluation intrinsically . The creatures all suffer continuously under their own moats, burdens, and delusions – and to hold hard feelings against them, when owing to sheer shock, sometimes traumatically becomes unavoidable – is not spiritually sustainable . So Glad that Altruism is going to overcome these barriers – over time . So Glad to be living in a Universe of Perfect Freewill whose Laws – those willing and inclined to perceive – and seek out the Truth in all things – can never fail to apprehend . The aspect of Morgana’s works, dedicated to inspiring in the hearts and minds of people the Capacity to be Honest, Truthful, and Evaluative, i think to be the best attribute of her labors . No doubt many are to be benefited by it . I personally, regardless of Enterprise, which seems to be inescapably some kind of a ” thing ” i’ve to Do – we all ARE our own enterprises – in the Divine and Eternal project of Continuous Truthful Growth – and if we make that our Primary Context and Content of Reference, ” turning inwardly ” as it were – then we can attain to liberation from the kinds of pedagogical schemes to which the Earth’s lamentable frequencies have been so long encrusted ! At times I grieve – the impossibility of Pure Altruism in the operations of the life of the householder . But i am certain that it CAN be done . Thanks for the Dia-Logue !

    Beyond mere Donations ,
    Et Cetera Enterprises UnLtd .

  8. Alexander says:

    ” Money is a great spiritual teacher because he challenges us to take care of ourselves, set boundaries, and value ourselves more. ” ( Morgana ) — This is indeed very very True Morgana ! Thank you for alighting this message ! My being has been challenged to evaluate it , and has attained to the same fortunate conclusion . I look forward to diminishing my severe tendencies towards this worthy teacher ! He and I cross swords – in philosophic terms, but a truce in the middle is a’nears . Ha !

  9. jamilla says:

    I learn so much im going give it a try because I really want be successful and I dont know where to start thats why I need me (:

  10. Hyde says:

    I want to be successful and I would like a clear understanding of how to get from A to Z.

  11. Chris says:

    I have read many people’s advice on how to approach a potential mentor, but very little on locating one. My circles very rarely put me in such company and I am struggling to change my atmosphere. Any advice or direction?

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Chris. I think you identified the answer in your question: you need to get outside your circles. Start with the internet. Build new relationships.

  12. Leonardo Salado says:

    Many people and life tell me I will not succeed far and I all I want is someone to teach whatever they want to teach me I will listen and try my best I feel that I will do anything I can to be there I just have reached the point whew people are embarrassed of to say but I need help . My name is Leonardo x Salado and I am 19years old I have ambition and I hope you will give the chance too see it

  13. Theophillus says:

    Is good to learn from rich people and to be patient,,to be focused,to concentrate all the time because is a key to success in terms of doing it practically,,to be rich is to believe in yourself positively,,,,iam Theophillus

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