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Doing Business Differently

This year I’m doing business differently. I find myself recoiling at the whole world of sales funnels, manipulative sales copy, false promises of “leverage,” “proven systems,” “words that convert.” I just don’t want to be part of it. Maybe I’ve outgrown all that stuff. It’s useful to learn the tools, but I’m just not aligned with the desperation and dehumanization of those numbers games.
So I’ve been intuitively doing something different. NO sales page. No sales letter. No webinar. No kindergarten cookie cutter, everybody-does-the-same-thing, content-dump course offer. (My clients are way beyond that.)
I’m picking and choosing who gets into my new program, and not even attempting to convince ANYBODY. Easy yes on both sides, or not this time. And I get to feel loving and generous with every interaction, not worried about “closing.”
And I’m keeping it SMALL. I figured out years ago that, for me, smaller is easier, more profitable, and way more satisfying and fun. We BOND. Not just me with my clients: my clients form deep, life-long friendships with each other when I keep us small. They find their “sisterhood of space aliens.”
My theme for 2021 is Integrity. Other words for integrity are wholeness, one-ness, alignment. I feel like my soul screams when I contemplate doing anything that doesn’t feel good. I’m not into drama or risk or falseness. So I’m inventing my own way of “launching” and I’m loving it. Cause it’s working.
I share this just to let you know you have CHOICE. You can totally do complicated funnels, big JV launches, expensive banquet room live events (well, maybe not this month). All of those modalities work very well some of the time. And you can chuck all of it and still make as much money as you desire doing business other ways, too.
To thine own self be true!

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