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How do you get comfortable charging what you’re worth?

Today’s Money Magnet Burning Question:
“How do you get comfortable charging what you know you’re worth?”

This is something EVERY service provider (with a heart) struggles with. We want to help others, and we want to be fair to ourselves.

Here’s my cut-though-the-confusion solution…

I recorded my response as a video:


Transcript: Hi. My name is Morgana Rae of and today’s Money Madness burning question from one of my readers is, and I’m going to look down at my computer and read it, “How do you get comfortable asking for what you know you are worth?”


  Well, obviously, I love this question and that’s why I’m answering it now. A couple of things. Something that I noticed in myself and I notice in my clients is that after doing the process of creating a new relationship with money where money becomes a person worthy of your deepest admiration and trust and love for, not for being money, but for being a person you would want in your life. And then we call that “person” money and that just changes everything because you want to be kind and you want to be respectful of this person.


  And the way to make this “person”, money, happy, always comes down to valuing yourself with integrity and love and kindness and compassion. Having that kind of value for yourself makes your money honey happy. Really, your happiness makes your money honey happy and part of that is charging a fair fee for your services or your product or the value that you offer.


  Now here’s the fun thing that happens is that undercharging starts to become so uncomfortable it’s like you can feel it in your body. It feels wrong. It can make you feel ill. It can feel achy. It just feels icky. It feels like you’re screaming a lie. So what happens is that charging too little becomes so uncomfortable that you can no longer do it. In fact, it becomes more uncomfortable to charge too little than to charge a fair amount even if the fair amount is scary, even if you’ve never charged that much before.


  And there does tend to be that moment of gap. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn’t. There is very often that gap feeling when you raise your rates from where you’ve been before and you just have to fake your way through it and pretend to be uncomfortable. Bite your tongue, shut up, and let your customer decide for herself.


  After, and this is really important here, after you have established the lifetime investment value of what you’re offering. So don’t even have the money conversation until you’ve decided that the person you’re talking with is a good fit, really would benefit, really, really wants it, then when you bring up your fee in the context of the problem or the desire that you’re satisfying and how mch that’s worth, then your fee is just going to feel natural and not necessarily immediately.


  I still have periods where it’s like what I was charging was right for a long time and then suddenly it’s like, “Ooh, ooh, I have that feeling that it’s not right anymore. It’s gotten too small again.” And it can still be weird but, at the same time, I’ve also noticed that people hire me more as soon as I do raise my rate to that fair number. Isn’t that weird?


  And I’ve seen this with clients, too, that instead of having fewer clients at the higher rate, I get many, many more because somehow that when the fee fits, people, your customers, feel it. It feels congruent. Sometimes when you’re charging way too little, people don’t trust you. They don’t trust they’re going to get the value you promise because your cheapness just doesn’t make sense in proportion to the value that you provide. Isn’t that interesting?


  So, let’s look at the question. How do you get comfortable asking for what you know you are worth? Check with your money honey, find out what your new relationship with money, your money honey, feels is the right amount. You can muscle test. You can check your muscle strength to get the right fair amount. When you know, when you know you’re charging a fair amount and what you’re worth, that’s when you become comfortable and charging too little will show up as discomfort and that’s how you get comfortable and thank you for the question and I’ll answer a new one soon. Namaste.



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