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How do you get comfortable charging what you’re worth?

Today’s Money Magnet Burning Question:
“How do you get comfortable charging what you know you’re worth?”

This is something EVERY service provider (with a heart) struggles with. We want to help others, and we want to be fair to ourselves.

Here’s my cut-though-the-confusion solution…

I recorded my response as a video:


Transcript: Hi. My name is Morgana Rae of and today’s Money Madness burning question from one of my readers is, and I’m going to look down at my computer and read it, “How do you get comfortable asking for what you know you are worth?”


  Well, obviously, I love this question and that’s why I’m answering it now. A couple of things. Something that I noticed in myself and I notice in my clients is that after doing the process of creating a new relationship with money where money becomes a person worthy of your deepest admiration and trust and love for, not for being money, but for being a person you would want in your life. And then we call that “person” money and that just changes everything because you want to be kind and you want to be respectful of this person.


  And the way to make this “person”, money, happy, always comes down to valuing yourself with integrity and love and kindness and compassion. Having that kind of value for yourself makes your money honey happy. Really, your happiness makes your money honey happy and part of that is charging a fair fee for your services or your product or the value that you offer.


  Now here’s the fun thing that happens is that undercharging starts to become so uncomfortable it’s like you can feel it in your body. It feels wrong. It can make you feel ill. It can feel achy. It just feels icky. It feels like you’re screaming a lie. So what happens is that charging too little becomes so uncomfortable that you can no longer do it. In fact, it becomes more uncomfortable to charge too little than to charge a fair amount even if the fair amount is scary, even if you’ve never charged that much before.


  And there does tend to be that moment of gap. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn’t. There is very often that gap feeling when you raise your rates from where you’ve been before and you just have to fake your way through it and pretend to be uncomfortable. Bite your tongue, shut up, and let your customer decide for herself.


  After, and this is really important here, after you have established the lifetime investment value of what you’re offering. So don’t even have the money conversation until you’ve decided that the person you’re talking with is a good fit, really would benefit, really, really wants it, then when you bring up your fee in the context of the problem or the desire that you’re satisfying and how mch that’s worth, then your fee is just going to feel natural and not necessarily immediately.


  I still have periods where it’s like what I was charging was right for a long time and then suddenly it’s like, “Ooh, ooh, I have that feeling that it’s not right anymore. It’s gotten too small again.” And it can still be weird but, at the same time, I’ve also noticed that people hire me more as soon as I do raise my rate to that fair number. Isn’t that weird?


  And I’ve seen this with clients, too, that instead of having fewer clients at the higher rate, I get many, many more because somehow that when the fee fits, people, your customers, feel it. It feels congruent. Sometimes when you’re charging way too little, people don’t trust you. They don’t trust they’re going to get the value you promise because your cheapness just doesn’t make sense in proportion to the value that you provide. Isn’t that interesting?


  So, let’s look at the question. How do you get comfortable asking for what you know you are worth? Check with your money honey, find out what your new relationship with money, your money honey, feels is the right amount. You can muscle test. You can check your muscle strength to get the right fair amount. When you know, when you know you’re charging a fair amount and what you’re worth, that’s when you become comfortable and charging too little will show up as discomfort and that’s how you get comfortable and thank you for the question and I’ll answer a new one soon. Namaste.



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  1. Establish value, then shut up. Got it!

  2. Renee says:

    Thanks Morgana – what a wonderful gift you are! Blessings & Joy 😉

  3. Ronda Wada says:

    Morgana, I have experienced the SAME thing with raising my rates. EVERY time I raise my rates I get more clients. Thanks for sharing your brilliance with the world!

  4. Aurelio says:

    Thanks, Morgana, for this video!… It’s something I’m going to put into practice!… Aurelio.

  5. Alexander says:

    Supporting those that experience their world view as downtrodden, derelict, afflicted, with Compassion and Love, has always raised that paradox of connotation – in that – we all desire to give not only in the Divine Spirit of the Sublime, – but also we desire to offer tangibility, – esp . when our recipient is in need of the tangible, especially, when the relation to the object, the thing, between the spontaneous giver and the spontaneous receiver, has a special subjectivity and magnetism, and constitutes the ‘dharma’ of the person being aided and the person aiding ( a complete circle of Love ) , — which ( the object ) however grand or symbolic — be it in True proportion to the innate merit of the need and in proportion to an Insightful and Learned Love, — is resoundingly that much more a boon. Indeed, on this point, the Saints and the Masters, are at odds with the ways of a Greater Wisdom – which often – the less wise, and the more needy, can not as yet comprehend or attain to embody – without there being a Bridge for the same . That bridge in this world – if we truly are to convey the utmost compassion for our beloved human kinds -friends, family, societies, nations . . . has to be mutual in its pure consideration , — and what could be more mutual, short of Unconditional Love, than money , — for while the former, replenishes the Spirit by the Spirit and revives the very Essence of Life, the former, in this temporal domain afloat in Space — allows for its wider Expression. . . If we are friends of humanities, we must support the principle and symbol of this transitional vehicle – and we shall do well to heed the genteel and most loving and compassionate insights of the wonderful and winsome Morgana Rae . How fortunate , her many readers ! May she and her co-beneficiaries be utterly blessed !

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      I agree wholeheartedly, Alex, AND…

      We are human animals who struggle with mortality and loss. Part of the human experience is feeling insecure, possessive, and competitive.

      BTW… I don’t know if there’s all that much we can do about the competitiveness: it’s a characteristic of testosterone, which is necessary for the sex drive in men (and women) whereby we reproduce and perpetuate our species. The best we can do is manage it with other qualities and behaviors that cultivate confidence, optimism, love, and compassion for others.

  6. Gerard Maguire says:

    Hello Morgana
    I emailed you about two chques that I manifested last week after listening to your telecast and eventually I got around to listening to your CD’s on Monday night the 20th and on the next day Tuesday I at my local community hall to instruct a yoga class. This was the 5 week that I went to do this yoga class and nobody had attended until last night two new people came and one student from another class of mine. So thanks again for all the help with my manifesting. I also have a great problem with charging what I am worth, I do tell my clients that my fee is negotiable and that I am not in ti for the money. Today I realized that this is very disrespectful to my money honey and I apologized to her and promised not to do that again.
    With gratitude from Gerard

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Yes! You are understand! You’re brilliant, Gerard.

  7. Padman says:

    What happens when a client is struggling to buy bread for his family and needs my help. Will my money honey get upset if I show copassion and give a break to this person and charge less?

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Dear Padman,

      That’s a complicated question, and depends on a number of things.

      1) A money honey without compassion is just another monster.

      2) That said, there are other things to consider too…
      Are you this person’s ONLY hope of survival?
      What does helping this person cost you?
      Can you help this person in a way that respects his ability to save himself and reciprocates the value of your contribution?
      Do you set aside pro bono work, and how do you set limits?

      You do not want to perpetuate this person’s helplessness, AND you genuinely want to help.

      Rescuing is a short term solution. What’s a long term solution?

  8. Sylvia Mann says:

    Hi Morgana,

    I listened not long ago to an Online presentation you have given about the Money Magnet. I am on this journey for awhile to discover the problems I have with money so I can change it. When I listened to the part where I can release for good the Money Monster and find my new Money Honey, I was so edgy in doing it right away. I discovered that the Money Monster was a sleesy looking Gamble typ of a guy from the 1920’s, oily, straight back combed hair. A thin upper lip mustarch and evil looking (smiling) eyes. Brrrr it is giving me the chills just writing about it LOL.
    My new Money Honey of course is great etc etc. The only thing he was answering me when I asked him what does makes him happy is to TRust him….ok I said I am trusting you. But I found that my words were not very impressive to him. So he kept repeating himself a few times. Then when I asked him what to do to get money flowing for me, he only said:”Finish writing your course manual and your e-book”.
    I was stunt and still am. He came a few times out of the blue to whisper in my ear..Trust me!!!
    Well, I thought I will share this with you and the community here. I think it is kinda mysterious and funny. I certainly will do what he said.
    Thanks Morgana for sharing your wisdom 🙂

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Sylvia. “Mysterious and funny” is good! It sounds like you’re on the right track. 🙂

  9. Joe Paretta says:

    Hi Morgana,

    Charging what I’m worth has always been a problem for me. But no more! I now charge what I’m worth and know that ultimately God is my source.


  10. Alexandra says:

    Dear Morgana,
    A question: well, how do you know the amount that is really what you should charge, that is really yours? (apart from market survey or knowing what is usually done in your field). That I’m really curious about.
    Thank you for your tip(s).
    And also many thanks for your videos, I enjoy your energy. It has been a great revelation to see money from the relationship angle.
    Greetings from Paris, France.
    ps: I wish we had more people like you in Europe.

  11. Penny says:

    Hi Morgana,

    I totally agree with you. I’ve raised my rates only when I’ve started to feel crabby about the price I’m charging and then my guides tell me what I should be charging. I offer many different price points so I think I’m being more than fair with my pricing. Only in extreme cases will I make an exception for an individual. My guides determine if there is to be an exception. I’ve found that people that are struggling will find a way or the money will come to them if they’re meant to see you.



  12. Harry Husted says:

    Thanks Morgana. I appreciate your video. For a long time I undercharged because I was afraid of not getting the job. I was afraid that I wouldn’t land it and make money. For instance, in the last two days I have dealt with a client, who was haggling me about price. I explained how my price was based on my work and that I deserved that price, because I offer something unique that other writers don’t. Still he squawked about it.

    By watching and listening to your video, it made me realize I have to listen to my money honey more than I have and do what makes me feel comfortable. If the client doesn’t like my price, go on to another client.

    Thanks so much. I appreciate it.


  13. Sylvester says:

    Hi Morgana, Pls i don’t understand the whole stuff. You have been sending me mails. I don’t know how to start it.

    1. morgana says:

      Great question, Sylvester!

      I created web page for people just like you, who want to know where to start:

      Warm regards,

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