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Burning Question: How Do I Get Paid For My Gifts?

Here’s the full question:

“I came from a background that doesn’t value the gifts that I have developed. How can I learn to value my spiritual, creative and emotional gifts enough to feel that they are worth being paid for? If I don’t value them and see them as marketable, who will?”

Great question!

Here’s what I say a thousand times to my clients: how you vote on your value from one minute to the next is not reliable or even useful.

You don’t want to set your fees based on your mood or self esteem on a particular day. When in doubt look at yourself and your gifts through your Money Honey’s eyes. He (or she) will ALWAYS see your best, and that’s how to value yourself.

That’s my metaphysical response, and it’s resulted in quick income increases of well over 1000% for several clients. Once you have the inner shift handled, it’s time to communicate that value in a way that your customers can appreciate.

Here’s what I didn’t see in your question:  what do your spiritual, creative and emotional gifts do for someone else?  What are the RESULTS your clients get? The value of your gifts is infinite, but people pay for results they can measure in their own life.

As soon as you get that distinction in your bones, marketing will become EASY. Because it’s not about you and your gifts: it’s all about your client.

I really want all the coaches, consultants, healers, artists, and spiritual entrepreneurs to pay attention here.
We fall so deeply in love with our widget–our coaching or healing modality, our art, our product or service–that our poor clients get left out of the conversation!

Here’s an easy way to measure whether something is marketable: if you could give a client the same result or experience in a pill instead, what would they get from that pill?

  • More money?
  • More confidence?
  • More love?
  • More success?
  • More health?
  • More self-expression?
  • More happiness?

Which result do you deliver that your audience wants the MOST?
(Notice I just put your customers in charge of what you sell?) Because if you’re like most of us, your gifts will deliver more than one result. But IF YOU WANT TO SELL WELL, become known as an expert, and NOT confuse your audience, you’ll FOCUS ON JUST ONE. That’s why I market money.  People hire me for money, and then I get to deliver the other stuff too.

  1. Bonnie says:

    Great answer to the question–very helpful, insightful and easy to follow!

  2. I love this post! So many of us don’t really know how to go about finding our niche and serving the client with gifts that we already embody. It’s incredible when you can find that “sweet spot” that is a passion, brings in money and truly makes your gifts available to the world, in a way that serves ourselves and our clients.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Pia says:

    Thank you Morgana for spelling it out for us so clearly. Pia

  4. Lucia Perez says:

    Thank you this was very helpful….I will ask myself these questions as I still try to figure out how to market myself more in the future!

  5. Lucia Perez says:

    By the way can you tell me who designed your blog? I really like the format…

  6. Darlene Mapp says:

    Hi Morgana,

    I have a burning question!

    I “get it”, yet I don’t “get it”! I understand your logic and your explanation on money magnetism and abundance…yet I am not living it. Here is the reader’s digest on my situation:

    I am a single mom of two busy kids – 9 yrs and 6 yrs. I am a reg’d massage therapist and run my own business. I am far too busy for my liking…hard on my body and not making as much money as I would like to or need to live the way I want. I have been trying now for awhile to find something to add into my business to generate more income…I just haven’t come up with that thing yet that is going to do that…I need help to get the creative juices flowing so I can have more $$$$

    Help please!
    Desperate in Canada

  7. Morgana Rae says:

    Lucia — my blog was designed by Eric Lingenfelter’s team at

    Darlene — this sounds like a coaching question. You need a new relationship with money AND a business roadmap. These are things I do with clients one on one. Athena Burke, by the way, came to me in a similar situation. In less than six months she was making tens of thousands of dollars a month.

  8. Morgana – I LOVE that you have made something really CLEAR to me and others here – you have specifically chosen to Market Money – and YOU GET TO DELIVER ALL YOUR OTHER GIFTS too!!! ( That’s just YUMMY!!) I appreciate you…. Thanks for your great work in the world – and for putting this Burning Question on the table for us!

    Love lights us, Peace is in you!


  9. Lynn says:

    Morgana – I really enjoyed this post. It often seems difficult to focus a niche. I think this information is helpful and useful in recognizing not only what to offer, but in understanding that by focusing on one niche, we can offer other gifts.

    Thank you for the inspiration!


  10. sharon hoorwitz says:

    I have visited your sites often through time. You are extremely generous and offer amazing andpwerful thoughts to ponder.

    I would like vey much to connect with you. Do you offer any type of sample or introductory session/time wit prospective clients, to feel if there’s a positive fit?

    Thanks for your time.


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